The Power of the Pussy: Meow

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy Jason is joined by Suzanne Wagner in the studio once again.  With the Elemental Feminine workshop behind them, Jason feels that the women that came got what they came for and more. Women feel profoundly alone most of the time, and when they are pushed and broken they leave as better versions of themselves. To learn to take in and let out, to breathe in and breathe out, teaches you to bring in fullness and then expel it so you can bring in more. Get rid of your Monkey mind, the accumulation of debris and chatter, allowing for authentic expression of who you are.

Topic #1

The Plight of Super Woman

  • In the studio with Jason and Suzanne Wagner, the Elemental Feminine workshop has ended, and Jennie is back at work. Suzanne assisted Jennie and the rest of her tribe for an awesome event. They feel compelled to open women in ways that have made enormous differences for all of them and make them feel more expansive and full.
  • Women in our society feel profoundly alone; being super Mom, Wife, Worker not having those place to be emotionally open and trust the space they are in. The women that came to the Elemental Feminine event were able to not only get what they came for but also what they needed and more. They were pushed and opened, and when they broke, they were new, better versions of themselves.
  • Women deal with a lot of negative projections and Suzanne and Jennie, show that everyone will be honored and respected and allowed to open up one way or the other. The theme to permit for the women to open up was their sexuality. It was the power of the pussy in the most honoring and respectful of ways.
  • Addressing if they are in a relationship with a man that maybe has a willingness but not the capacity or vice versa, and so women sell out for what that want. The feminine attracts to itself by desiring it and magnetizing. The demand is a yearning for more depth; women have a fear of that because they may not get it.
  • The reality is you find that you own the power of your yearning and depth, and it is your responsibility to be big and be your full self, and then people show up and step up to that new level rather than be complacent and stay in their old patterns.

“Women deal with a lot of negative projections and Jennie and I show them that they will be honored and respected and allowed to open up one way or another.”- Suzanne

Topic #2   

Man Came from Yoni

  • The most significant growth that Jason has had is when he has activated Jennies wants; when he needs her to sink into what she wants arises. When Jennie gets to a place of what she wants her power is much bigger than Jason’s. People disassociate from their lower regions; there is a power of feminine life force represented by her pussy. There is a book called,” Pussy: A Reclamation,” and the author talks about how the pussy is a place of power; the womb that holds life and can create a baby; every man has historically come out of a woman’s vagina.
  • But society says that if you are a pussy, you are weak; that is such a negation of what it is. Jennie and Suzanne don’t lecture to the women, saying that they need to find the power of their pussy, they create an emotional space so that the women can feel emotion through the breath and the sounds; feeling in the space of permission with a room full of women, and what they are feeling. There is a consensus and community as all the women come together; that energy blows up through the emotion and commitment of what they are feeling.
  • We all have the monkey mind, which is the accumulation of debris and it chatters and chatters. The example of a masculine practice would be to sit and meditate and be quiet and observe your thoughts; to expand the gap between your chatter and that space. In that space, you will answer, that is very different than the human debris of chatter. The feminine example of this is modality, movement and be accessed by male or female; giving you space from your bullshit and lies, which produces profound insights and allows for authentic in the moment expression of who you are. It is an absolute refusal to negate any part of yourself and anything that you feel.

“There is a consensus and community when all the women come together; that energy blows up through the emotion and commitment of what they are feeling. – Suzanne

Topic #3

Death by Ejaculation

  • It takes so much power to suppress authentic expression and emotion. Because of Jennie’s mastery through music, they can pull certain emotions into conscious awareness out of the shadows that they have been hidden in; when they are revealed, they are transformed into something amazing.
  • What is the Elemental Feminine and Shades of Intimacy? It’s anything you want whether that be a better relationship, making more money, have a better body or better relationship with God? All four of those are on that table because it’s the modality of getting you back in touch with your authentic self. They will break down your fucking walls and shatter your sense of the lies that you keep you from it. “Stop routing all of your energy to your shit.”- Jennie
  • You don’t know you are doing it until you aren’t doing it anymore. The masculine is light and consciousness, and is designed to move quickly and penetrate. The feminine is not that way, it is the earth energy and what makes it unique is the womb. The Yoni sucks in, and it pushes out; it births, and it breathes; women suck in through their Yoni life force energy. What are you birthing and pushing out into the world?
  • Men are often very afraid of a woman’s vagina because of it very attractive, but it bleeds regularly, and you stick your cock into it, and once you’re done it ejects you and your limp and done; this is the life and death power of the pussy. The masculine is about the capacity to confront death; the cock goes into the vagina knowing it will die through ejaculation, but it’s willing to face that death.

“Men are often afraid of a woman’s vagina because it is desirable, it bleeds regularly, and you stick your cock into it, and once you’re done it ejects you and your limp; this is the life and death power of the pussy.”- Jason

Topic #4

Not Tupperware, Not Shatterproof

  • One of the problems the feminine has within itself is that they are the shatterers of containers, and the masculine is the container. The feminine is afraid of shattering their man’s container, so they appease where their man is at, other than demand that the masculine expands his container. There is a huge difference between consciously and unconsciously shattering his container so it can expand.
  • When it unconscious it becomes destructive and hurtful; that is because the woman has suppressed for so long, and she becomes like Kali and starts cutting off heads and dicks all over the place. When a woman owns her yearning and in that wanting it more, the man will have to expand more; the feminine always wants more which is what makes men mad.
  • Some men want to stay in their emptiness and stay single their whole lives. Jason compares it to that moment when you are laying down and going to sleep, one the verge of falling to sleep; you are going into nothingness. Most people feel that is a magical place of bliss, literally going into nothingness; That is the pure masculine. If anything were to wake you as you are going into that, what would it take for it to be worth it? If the lure of emptiness is strong because you are tired, the human aspect comes in because you are afraid of hurting your partner’s feelings.
  • The feminine form of emptiness is when she gets those emotions out; as with pregnancy, their chakra gets bigger and then when given permission you give birth and let those emotions out, just like when a man feels emptiness after an orgasm; a woman after releasing emotion experiences that emptiness, but a different type. From a male point of view that emptiness is a-okay, and from a feminines point of view is that she is empty and she needs to fill back up.
  • The greatest dysfunction that you can imagine as a woman who is nine months pregnant who likes the feeling of fullness and doesn’t want to have her baby has to have it to become empty. Jason ate meatball soup for breakfast, and he loves it and doesn’t want to expel it, but his body is telling him he has to shit it out. The practice Jennie and Suzanne do during Elemental Feminine is inhale, exhale, eat, shit, piss, feel and give birth to something and let it out; this is the disposition of the woman’s health.

“I ate meatball soup for breakfast and I love it and I don’t want to get rid of it, but my body is telling me I will have to shit it out.”- Jason

Closing Thoughts

  • You embody your feeling through your head, and it is the doorway to getting whatever you want. You want money, it comes and goes. You want a relationship, and it comes to you then leaves you. Just like your children; you want your family to last forever, but that is not how it works; they will go out and start their own families.
  • The masculine penetrative properties are so crucial to the healthy feminine expression of emotion. The masculine pokes at the feminine, and through that, the feminine is going to have an emotion; but if you are conscious of it, you can create a healthy, emotional, fluid woman. If you avoid poking at her, she will never learn any awareness and will continue to hold it, and the longer she holds it, the more dysfunctional it becomes.
  • Learn to poke at her with fun and laugh together about it. The whole process of relationship is shattering the old containers that are restricting your growth.
  • Jason has a workshop coming up called the Modern Day Warrior and men commonly are feeling weak, on one level society is telling men to stop fucking the world, energetically or otherwise. But the feminine is asking for the power of the penetrative masculine; they teach the men how to be present while they are penetrative, doing two things at once.
  • Most men notice when they are coming close to orgasm their focus becomes narrowed; they encourage men to become aware again at that moment and be present while they are drilling their woman. One of the tricks to that is it will allow the man to last longer. The other thing Jason teaches is to run that energy through your heart. Your woman will start to demand that the man do everything with that energy and heart.
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