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In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason and Jennie discuss further the subject of Strip Clubs and pornography. There is an energetic draw and radiance when the feminine energy is engaged and activated. Because of the shame society and our culture has associated with being drawn to that through exploring clubs or porn, you need to get real and raw and realize where you are at and what it means to you. Having reverence for the feminine energy and not lurchy can bring you to a whole other level of sexuality; giving life to yourself and your relationship.  


Topic #1

Cereal Aisle Lap Dance

  • Following a significant response from the “Strip Club Episode,” the couple have decided to expand on that subject a bit further today. When a woman walks into a room, all the men notice, and so do the women. There is an energetic resonance; There is an active draw to something that is energetic and radiant. It doesn’t just happen in a strip club; the way you walk down the cereal aisle at a grocery store and you enliven and inform everyone around you.
  • A strip club is a small area and full of the female and male energies intertwined with dark energy which is confined in a building. There are times you don’t want to be seen, not wanting to offer out your energy. The key is knowing where you’re at and what you want. You can’t go anywhere without potentially causing harm without being real and raw at where you’re at. You may need to hit the pause button and get back to the basics.
  • If your not attuned to yourself or your partner and try to move into an environment like a strip club, it creates a lot of problems within your relationship. In our culture, the “Me Too Movement,” women are stepping up and speaking their truth about their hurts and this conversation about the Strip Clubs that has generated a lot of response and the pornography use in America. There is a hunger for sexual energy. There is a great deal of shame in our society to discuss sexuality, and people hide from it. If you put out your energy, at the grocery store, with a swish in your hips and you are in pleasure, and they are not ready for that, it’s disaster.  

“You are literally inhabiting your body and someone who is not receptive gets triggered. It becomes a domino effect to a total shit show; None of that will do any fucking good.”- Jennie

Topic #2   

Tractors, Playboys, and a Cool Mom

  • There is a navigation point in putting out your energy; If you go out with an authentic expression of just being you, there is a chance you can get slimed. Meaning you can be the recipient of a negative response; How do you respond to that? Do you choose when and when not to shine your light to attract? Women can play down because they have been slimed. Women have not learned how to regard a beautiful. They lean in, They lurch, but they have not learned how to dance with each other.
  • In regards to learning how to dance there is a story of the Playboy. Jason has an older brother who he visited when he was a teen, and he had a stack of Playboys. An ambitious and imaginative kid, Jason has always had a fascination with tractors. His father being in construction, when he would see one he would climb all over them. One time he lifted up a seat and found a Penthouse magazine. Jason was thrilled. He visited his brother, and he had more than a few Playboys, Jason’s mom found out and asked if he wanted a subscription. His mother introduced him to pornography; she was a woman who back in her day, went against the norm of what a female was expected to be.
  • Porn and Strip Clubs is a very complicated conversation, and the couple is not ignoring the critical facets of that conversation. Jason being raised by a powerful woman gave him a healthy and respect for women. When Jason and his family moved up to  Heber City, she was like a whirlwind. She demanded respect from men in Utah, who were not accustomed to dealing with strong women.

“My Mom found out I had seen a Playboy magazine and asked me if I wanted a subscription to Playboy or Penthouse.” – Jason

Topic #3

Naked Women and Cool Songs

  • Jenny’s first exposure to seeing porn was coming across her brother’s magazines. Magazines have a feel and energy, a lot of airbrushing. When Jason was 18, he went to revisit his brother. His brother took him to a strip club for the first time. Jason could feel the different energy in the room, naked women dancing to cool songs. There was an energy of reverence; there is an energetic sense of worship. Jason didn’t understand what it was, didn’t know how to deal with it and felt a lot of shame because of it.
  • The Strip Club does not create the experience you walk away with; it exposes what was already there. With Jason it was reverence. Jason also had the revelation that not all naked girls are the same. Their energies were all different in the way they danced and responded to the male energy. Men are going to strip clubs, at different levels, worshipping the feminine. You can do this in your relationship.
  • One of their son’s was turning 21, and he came to them and said he wanted to go to a Strip Club with his other brother and their girlfriends. They agreed and said they wanted to take them. They inserted themselves into the experience, wanted them to do it right and not come out feeling shame for the energy they were going to feel. Women commonly get disrespected at a strip club, and Jason recalls his older brother never letting anyone disrespect the dancers, even dealing with a belligerent man who was out of hand.
  • Jason, Jenny, a few friends and their sons and girlfriends went to the club. It is sensory chaos the first time because everything you have been told not to do certain things and now it’s in your face. They didn’t want their kids to feel ashamed by it all and hide in a corner. The key is to stay connected to your heart in an experience like this otherwise someone will get hurt. It is a great place to practice deep open-hearted love; without collapse, the first stage needs or hiding. It’s a great place to watch a group of women exchanges energy with other women, not just taking and observing and absolute regard and revere of these other women.

“The key to being in a Strip Club is staying connected to your heart . Otherwise, someone will get hurt.”- Jason

Closing Thoughts

  • The kids speak very well of the night and the experience they had. It was amazing to watch their sons; these young men enjoy the feminine energy without lurching. Enjoying observing them in the way of unwinding and enjoyment. Strip clubs are very complicated and complex, but it’s up to us to change shit.
  • That is the sticky waters. Society and our culture have created this no one walks into a strip club and is suddenly damaged. It happened before they walked into the club before the dancer applied for the job. Getting real and raw and it is tough sometimes, you need to give value to your life and your partner.
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