Wonder Woman

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason asks the question of Jennie, “How the Hell Does She Do It? Being a powerhouse in your career as a woman, you have your masculine energy pouring out of you all day. Trying to dive into your feminine energy and make that switch can prove challenging. You are missing an opportunity for power by not engaging the masculine and feminine together. The more you work within both of those energies, the easier it will become to manage them.


Topic #1

Vinyls and Black Sharpies

  • Jason opens the episode by talking about the couples reset weekend. They have been on the go. Jennie is getting ready for Warrior Women, and she got an adorable “how to” video from Garrett White’s daughter on how the women should write their names on their T-shirts with black sharpies. Jason is glad she is going to Warrior Week, so she can truly relate to what he has done.
  • The beginning of the weekend started with a fight, and they spent the weekend recovering from it. In the midst of all of this, the couple lost the cat. Jason and Jennie ended up in the living room listening to vinyls; ended up having an enjoyable evening. All of this leads to their topic,” How the Hell do you do all of this Jennie?” With more than six upcoming engagements, a full-time job with a hefty commute and a high maintenance husband. How does she do it?
  • Jason had a powerful conversation with a woman on the phone who was interested in going to the Shades of Intimacy Workshop. She was thankful for the hour-long discussion she had with him about where her pain lies. Jennie is getting ready to go into a masculine energy environment with Warrior Week; She is accustomed to operating in a masculine environment in the lab where she works. The pain of Jennie’s life is she is thriving in the masculine world; she is kicking ass. It isn’t killing her, but she is feeling a turn to something else.
  • Always working through her masculine in the past, was stealing away at her soul; Taking away her intuition and feminine energy. Jennie has operated very successfully in her masculine, as are many women. Jennie has now accessed her feminine energy. Every woman Jennie knows is powerful in her masculine. That can cause you to work at half power. There are specific practices used at the Elemental Feminine workshop that drop the women into their feminine.
  • For a woman who has an incredibly strong masculine, they need structure to drop into their feminine. If it’s all too hippie, woo-woo, they won’t have anything to do with it. You have to engage both the masculine and feminine energy to get through to them so they can have a powerful experience.

“If it’s all too hippie and woo-woo, women who are all in on their masculine won’t have anything to do with it. We have to engage both energies to get through to them.”- Jason

Topic #2   

How Do You Spell Relief?

  • Speaking of pleasure for a moment; Jennie didn’t work through her pleasure very often. When she was younger, she would masturbate to purely lower her anxiety, not to self-pleasure. Jason adds that is true for most men as well. It was also throwing off of energy for her. Fast forward to becoming someone who engages in the feminine, more can run through her body now. She doesn’t need to masturbate to dissipate that extra energy.
  • The more that you work with both energies and the more powerful you become in both of those, the easier will be to manage them. There is still a transition for Jennie when she gets home to move from the masculine she is exercising all day at work and dropping into her feminine when she gets home. She formerly placed shame around her feminine, thinking her emotional side was a weakness. You are missing out on a power source if you aren’t accessing both the masculine and feminine energy.
  • Women who want to move up in their company and become a more significant power player, you have to tap into your feminine. You have got to start using both. Once Jennie started to figure out how to make both energies flow through her and work together; she just kept getting promotions, moving up in her job.
  • There is a toxic brand of masculinity, that get shit done, who cares who you hurt energy. A lot of women have picked up that masculine trait of getting shit done; When you combine that with the authentic feminine, it is revolutionary.

“You don’t have to leave half of yourself behind. It’s a bullshit concept.” – Jennie

Topic #3

Honey, Hold My Container

  • The driving force behind the development of The Shades of Intimacy, was when Jennie was so present in the masculine, and it killed their sex life because of the lack of the feminine. They did this as a gateway to fix their sex life. In the bedroom, she would practice her feminine and he the masculine. From there Jennie took it to the next level and introduced that into her life at work. Not being orgasmic, but dropping into her feminine.
  • This scenario is a taste or a feel for what happens in the Elemental Feminine. Finding a way to drop your feminine into a meeting at work. Having the masculine hold the container of the moment in that meeting, but finding pockets of opportunity to allow the feminine playfulness to enter; Bringing it then back into the masculine container.
  • What kind of man does a strong, powerful woman who is connected to her masculine to dive into her feminine at home? You need a man who is secure in his masculinity, that is connected to his heart, and is present and patient. When a  woman is trying to access both energies, it can be difficult. You need a man that will create a structure at home for her to operate in that; so all she has to do is concentrate on transitioning into her feminine. What can a man give a woman that she can’t give herself? A woman wants a man to press into her. The masculine creates a dominant force and holds a specific structure that the feminine can feel. A woman cannot do that for herself.
  • That’s the value of the masculine; he sets a container and a space that holds her. At first, Jennie barely moved within that container, but as she worked at it, it became a delight for her to press into his walls. Men practice stepping up and get bigger. There is only so much that Jennie’s masculine can hold her feminine, she can’t expand to the capacity that Jason can hold. And it expands continually for both.
  • So you can go out handle your job, there is still a gift a man can give you, that a woman can’t give herself. And a man cannot fill his container, not the way that she can when she leans into your masculine. It is evolving energy. As humans we want a variety of flavors and distinctions, there is nothing wrong with that. That’s why the long-term success of expanding and growing is necessary.
  • Some men, in Warrior, are dedicated to their queen, and they are pained by the lack of expansion sexually. It is painful for women too. Giving your partner different flavors, it can become a burden until the woman drops deeper and deeper into the feminine. It’s not just about him needing variety, she needs and has always wanted too. When the woman is getting pleasured from her soul, it fantastic. That is the key for women, to get back in touch with their pleasure. If you are neglecting yourself, that is what you are giving. If you are giving to yourself, you are giving that out.

“Some men are so dedicated to their queen and at the same time are pained by the lack of expansion sexually.”- Jason

Closing Thoughts

  • September 28th, 29th, and 30th the Elemental Feminine Workshop is happening with Jennie and Suzanne Wagner. It is a vibrant and challenging weekend that you will come out of transformed. It is open to anyone that identifies as being a woman.
  • In November there is also a Shades of Intimacy workshop coming up. Go to www.shadesofintimacy.com. The couple does Facebook live videos daily, and there is information there about all of their workshops. And they found the cat…again.


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