The Strip Club

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason and Jennie discuss the different energies that are addressed at a Strip Club. Seeing the female energy of movement and light opened up and being regarded is powerful. Being playful and engaged is so much more attractive; than a creepy, rapey vibe. Jennie dancing and delighting in the women at the club, gave Jason delight just watching the two energies move together with no shame attached to it. Are you in a place of starvation, of depletion, that has left you craven for sexual intimacy?

Topic #1

Jennie Gets More Action

  • Talking about Strip Clubs today, Jennie shares how earlier in their relationship, Jason  he had a desire to go to a strip club, with her. Strip Clubs to them both is about energy, male and female. That is the root of it, not the nipple, tits and ass. Energy that moves through the lights and movement.
  • Jason wanted to go with her, not for permission or out of shame. He wasn’t fixated on it, or have a collapse around it. The feminine dances with life, it’s shimmering waters, flower, and storms. Jennie would appreciate that even more than Jason. Less sexual, more sensual and Jason likes to see her delighted. Jennie had more women drawn to her than to Jason. Jason wasn’t lurking in the corner, why were they more drawn to Jennie? On a surface level, there is safety.
  • The women were dancing with Jennie, she was embodying the feminine. A woman in a strip club watching another woman dancing isn’t always safe. Jennie regarded the women and it was women having fun and delighting in each others feminine. When men go, that’s not the dynamic.

“Strip Clubs are about the energy; that’s the root of it, not the nipple, tits and ass”- Jason

Topic #2   

No Mean Girls

  • Why is Jennie okay with Jason going to a strip club? He is not collapsed in on himself of his masculine; numbed out, collapsed around it. Jason has the capacity to breathe in the feminine energy, be in awe of their movement. Anything less than that Jennie would not have enjoyed . She likes to see also the impact the different kind of women had on him; it fascinates her.
  • When Jennie was drawn to the movement and light of a woman that was dancing, and Jennie would dance with her, it was the same energy and woman Jason was drawn to. Some of the women were withdrawn and disconnected while others were enjoying what they were doing and we’re inviting. Those were the women they were drawn too.
  • When women are up there, dancing their true selves, their energies, it draws men and women in. Some women are really enjoying themselves, others don’t want the connection, and obviously hate being there. Why didn’t Jennie get jealous? Becauses it’s the energy Jason brings to it, he isn’t coming from a place of lacking. He is aligned in their relationship, and is full. Jennie energetically gives him stripper energy, so he is never hungry for that.
  • An important part, if Jason regards an energy that isn’t similar to Jennies, and she chooses to collapse in that and feel insecure, that’s a different ball game. When a woman walks into a room, men aren’t the only ones that are looking at her. Women are checking her out, judging, her. It’s how Mean Girls are born;That’s first stage. Fourth stage of intimacy a woman embraces anothers womans energy with regard. If you are looking at another woman and you are getting angry, that is all you. Instead of getting angry, learn from her. Every woman is a teacher.

“Some women are really enjoying themselves, others don’t want the connection and obviously hate being there .” – Jason

Topic #3

What Lights Jason Up

  • At the Shades of Intimacy event, the men and women split sometimes. The assignment was each person as a collective had to come up with gift to offer the opposite sex. The mens offering was absolute delight, the needed to laugh their asses off. They created this moment that enlivened the women and they were delighted and re-energized.
  • Sexual intimacy between Jason and Jennie, is sometimes very intense and sometimes playful. Intimacy has to have a playful humor, not immature childness need.
  • Why would Jennie go to a strip club? There is so much energy to be had there. To see what lights Jason up and what doesn’t is so informational. It’s exciting for her; a new energy and flavor to try on . It’s informative and healing to be there and to recognize the impact women have on women. Within the bounds of their marriage, there is something about that shared energy that’s sustains them. Jennie is a light to the women, who are in a dark place, because they aren’t being regarding by most the men there as more than an object.
  • Going to a strip club and being able to refrain from the shame collapse. It’s in the women who are dancing and those that are watching. A man goes without his wife to a strip club without his wife and sees an energy he likes. He takes it home and collapses and doesn’t ask that same energy from her, and instead masturbates and goes to bed. There is a clingy dirtiness to it if he comes out and says he wants his wife to emulate the stripper. You need to recognize that if someone gets to such a place of depletion, that’s a scary place. If you are so starved for it, you need to recognize that you are now craven fro it.

“You need to recognize that if someone gets to such a place depletion;that’s a scary place.”- Jennie

Closing Thoughts

  • Sexual energy is a flavor, a nutrient. It gets distorted and leads to severe malfunction in the system. Tell your mate you want a little spicy tamale, and have it and move on.
  • If you don’t have the nutrient of sexual energy, you will become depleted and starved.
  • The Elemental Feminine is coming up. Diving into energy in general, allowing other women to teach you. Go to for more information.
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