You Are That Person

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason and Jennie discuss what they offer those who seek them out for coaching. You may be all set to go forward with the couple, and your partner puts on the brakes, but don’t sell your partner short. They are here to show you the possibilities across all areas of your life and to help you become the catalyst your partner may need to follow that path together.

Topic #1

What Exactly Do You Do?

  • After asking if any of the listeners would like to reach out and work with them, the couple had quite a few responses. One call is from someone who asked what exactly it is that they do. Jason thought that was brave and Jennie is an introvert and would never have had the nerve to reach out like that.
  • Why would you email Jason and Jennie? To get on a phone call with them and have a powerful conversation. People are coming forward and being very transparent on these calls; it has been delightful for them. If your relationship is not working in some way shape or form, you want to call them. They can also help with your body, being, spiritual being, business, and your balance. They cover it all, but they include the relationships, with emphasis on the sexual intimacies of their clients.
  • Utilizing “The Stack,” which is a written, meditative process that lets you expand your horizons and show you how to get it; it deals with triggers. Through that Jason got a cool understanding of what they are doing through the Shades of Intimacy. When the couple was in their pit, they didn’t know what to do, the possibilities were opened to them, and then they could see there was something better. On this podcast, they are continually showing you the listener the possibilities of what a relationship on fire can look like.

“On this podcast we are constantly showing you the  possibilities of what a relationship on fire can look like.”- Jason

Topic #2   

The Turd in the Punchbowl

  • They are illuminating the possibilities, and a lot of listeners have told them that they didn’t know that was possible. They are also showing you the best that they can, the path. The coaching from them gives you the first step on the path if you are a good fit, that is individual coaching. They also have pod coaching where they put you into a group of other people; this would be determined after they talk with you and it is decided what would work best. Then there are the big events when you need a kick and a power shift.
  • They are still accepting applications make contact through an email and Jason will forward your information on to Jennie if you are a woman and he will contact you directly if you are a man. That conversation with them is NOT a sales call; it’s coaching; you will leave the call having gained a lot.
  • The common thread right now with their coaching calls is that the person reaching out wants to work with them and their partner does not. Jennie had an AHa moment with a caller that made her realize that she was that person the caller was describing. Jennie is that person that all the callers are complaining about; Jason could have pointed at Jennie and said he wanted to do something and she didn’t want to. Jennie doesn’t know why she never realized before that she was the turd in the punch bowl.

“The conversation with us is not a sales call; it is a coaching call which you will come away from learning a lot about yourself.” – Jason

Topic #3

Risky Business

  • This revelation was huge for Jennie, having all of these people call saying their partners were not interested and Jennie is that partner. Speaking on behalf of that partner that she used to be, She is so grateful that Jason decided to turn the dial, to draw a line in the sand and made her decide if she was in or out. Had it not been for Jason drawing that line, saying this is what he wanted and the path of growth he felt was good for them; there is that moment where your partner can not take it, and that’s terrifying.
  • Once you see the possibilities and you know that there is better, what happens then is an individual choice. This is the part that is tripping up people because they have focused on what they want and then realize their partner isn’t game. You have no chance if you don’t make your own choice, even if that means leaving the other behind; it’s a risky choice that you need to make for yourself.
  • Jennie is stubborn and persistently stuck, she used to have a higher tolerance for being numb. Had it not being for Jason taking the risk, she is so grateful that he was the catalyst that changed their path. There are moments in your life where you need a catalyst in your life, that was a catalyst. If you are holding back because you fear that your partner won’t go along with it, consider what would happen if they do. Jennie wouldn’t even read a book that Jason wanted her too; she did interviews reluctantly. She wasn’t immediately on board, she was in but still was being an ass. It may not look like you want it to at first, but it’s just that forward momentum.

“If you’re holding back because you fear that your partner won’t go along with it, consider if they did.”- Jennie

Closing Thoughts

  • Jason had to resolve to the fact that Jennie was going along with it, she was a shit, but she was doing it. He let her do it in her way at her pace. She was way behind and then just zoomed ahead of him. You become leapfroggers, the forward motion keeps the growth moving within the safety and care of connection.
  • Jason would have proceeded without Jennie, and she knows that he would have come home and she would want to do what he was doing, despite her stubbornness. Jennie would much rather have a life that is in motion, whether it is uncomfortable or not, rather than be stuck.
  • If this resonates with you and it relates to where you are in your body, being, balance or business, but primarily in your relationship; if you want to move forward contact Jason and Jennie and start a conversation. It may not be a fit with them for you, but it is you making the statement that you want to move. It’s going to be uncomfortable, and you’re going to be nervous.
  • Jennie was that person before, and now here she is; don’t sell your partner short. Don’t argue for their limitations and have that conversation with them. Jason and Jennie are all about that powerful conversation. It’s about getting real with the facts and getting raw with the feelings; what is going on?
  • Go to where there are show notes so you can read the podcast and there is also a video you can watch and a link so you can email them and hopefully have a conversation. They have the 7-day Intimacy Challenge which is free, which gives you an email every day with an assignment. You will get added to a secret Facebook Group, and you can also find them on Facebook.
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