Alpha Partners Need Sex

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason and Jennie had a no sex weekend, and it drained them of their power the rest of the week. Having amazing powerful sex is worth taking the time to carve out space in your calendar to make that happen. Couples need that connection with other to create greater capacity and ease of function. Get vulnerable and lower your shields to expose your original power source.

Topic #1

Lets Talk About No Sex; Not Celibacy

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  • Today the couple are talking about no sex; not celibacy. The couple had a weekend that was a no sex weekend, and they try to make it a time that they are very present with each other. They make time to have sex with each other and find it very important to them, but this particular weekend turned into a no sex weekend.
  • They found that they argued a lot, but it was a good thing because it made them aware that they had not made time to connect; what was sex giving them that was feeding a side of themselves? Jason felt like he less energy during the week because he had a deficit with Jennie to fuel the engines. Jennie feels like there is something so important about having connected sex because in those moments is when she can stop routing her energy elsewhere. Coming home and having deep sex, is stripping the ego off at the door and surrendering. As a woman, she doesn’t get to do that out in the world.
  • When they don’t have sex, there is a lot of frustration, and then you become an ass. Genetically you have a desire to have sex, and you want to use it as stress relief, a release. What is underneath that? Is there an urge beneath sex, beyond genital friction? There are a lot of men born in masturbation, and it doesn’t work.

“When we don’t have sex there is a lot of frustration and then you become an ass.”- Jason

Topic #2   

Oh Venus

  • It is fantastic to come home and have an amazing orgasm. The couple can have quickies during the week, and they do, but to have a sustained time during the weekend and carving that out and connecting, goes far beyond an orgasm. When they have amazing powerful sex on the weekend Jennies has a looseness about her during her week.
  • When Jennie is loose, and she can surf her life more she is more effective at work, with the family because she has greater capacity and ease of function. When Jason is super focused on getting shit done and becomes obsessed, he gets brittle as fuck. It is Jennie’s open feminine that eases his soul and makes it worth doing. She brings light to Jason.
  • For Jennie to surrender and become that oceanic feminine, she gets much bigger, and Jason’s masculine gets bigger to hold that. Imagine your woman was the size of the planet; Venus; you would have to hold strong to see the whole planet, and that is what it is like. It’s intoxicatingly powerful and scary as hell.
  • For powerful women to tap into your true power source, it is to surrender into that huge vast feminine. There is nothing more delicious than to have a man there that is holding that and seeing you. The masculine is the awareness, the witness and the feminine is the light and the energy, the beheld. When a woman identifies with her feminine, it’s incredibly powerful and intimidating.

“The bottom line is we are about creating with each other; we are partners in crime. ”- Jason

Topic #3

The Fuel of Sexual Connection

  • Why is sex so important to powerful couples? Not the kind of sex where you are rubbing one off on each other, but deep carved out sex, drop your ego at the door sex. When Jennie is able to be well fucked and remember her power source, she remembers that she is a co-creator. That creates fuel in her life.
  • Sexual connection is fuel, and they are all about connection. They use expansion and care to get to a connection which then fuels creation. The bottom line is they are all about creating with each other; they are partners in crime. They create a family home; they are all about creating together. That sexual connection fuels creation.
  • There is something about creating life force power in a relationship that results in creation in your life. A lot of people come to Jason and Jennie for better sex, but what they are seeking is a better connection. Men and women both you want a deeper connection. Sex transforms you; there is so much juice to it.
  • You can take the elements of your past and heal them and then use that for a co-creative force of the universe. You can’t hide when you are having deep sex with your partner, and you start to understand that there is nothing to hide from this person. The more you become that person that has nothing to hide, the far more powerful you become out in the world. To do that you need to become shameless.

“The bottom line is we are about creating with each other; we are partners in crime. ”- Jason


Closing Thoughts

  • When you are in a position and sex is the place that brings you out the most, it’s the vulnerability that is required for deep sex. If you are truly vulnerable with your partner and not sedating; if you are backing away, you are sedating and numbing it out.
  • As human beings, there is more to us. Our fucking can be rodent-like, which is exactly like any other rodent or mammal; but it can be more. Any level of turning away from your partner in a state of face to face connection you are hiding. It takes a lot of energy to sedate.
  • Vulnerability is the process of lowering your shields with your partner; it takes you back to your original power source. Your partner needs to feel safe and see that reflection of vulnerability from you.
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