A Call To Adventure

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason has his friend Wade Lake in the studio with him to talk about the call to adventure. Having the adventure to break up the mundane in your life is always rejuvenating, selling everything you own and hugely shift your life is a game changer. Generational behaviors can be frightening and can either cause further damage to your life or drive you to a place of change and growth. Be willing to listen to the voice and chase adventure; it will keep you alive and vibrant.

Topic #1

A Welding Family

  • Jason is joined in the studio with his good friend of Wade Lake, husband of Melanie Lake who was on a previous Podcast with Jennie. A text from Wade a few days ago to Jason asked if he was all in on an adventure. Wade came across a special opportunity, and he knew that he needed to include Jason.
  • That was the call to that particular adventure, but Jason wants to talk about Wade’s call to adventure; 5-7 years ago Wade got rid of most of his stuff, grabbed his five kids and wife and went to Guatemala. He was called, a spiritual element or midlife crisis. Wade had been doing the 9 to 5 and felt like he had been neglecting his family, and he was offered a trip to Sedona, Az. Realizing he had not been anywhere with his family in 3 years, they did a 2-week trip.
  • Being part of a family welding business, Wade’s father and brother weren’t too happy with him leaving for two weeks. He realized how unhappy he was in the grind, he loves his family, but his allegiance was to his wife and his kids. Wade was part of a family pattern in the path that had been laid before him his whole life; living your parent’s lives.
  • Jason was in the same pattern, but the pain came when he realized he was fucking doing it to his kids; not only was he becoming his father but he was making them like him. That is exactly what was going on with Wade; he began to treat his wife like his Dad treated his Mom. He was becoming a total asshole to his kids and became rageful when he would come home. Wade felt like his life was shit, and he was dragging everyone through it.

“Not only was I becoming my father but I was fucking doing it to my kids.”- Jason

Topic #2   

A Holy Fuck Moment


  • Wade’s wife called him on his shit, and it all came to an end when his young son Jade, and Wade was in his rage mode, and when Jade talked back to him, he got physical with his son and threatened him. Hearing himself at that moment, sounding like his Dad, he was like holy fuck, and that was the moment seeing the fear in his children’s faces.
  • Feeling shame, and guilt Wade went off to bed, and the next day Melanie and kids got together and told him it wasn’t okay. They said that Wade needed to leave for a while; not forever but for a time to figure shit out.  He knew he had to leave, and he packed his shit and went to the mountains in the snow and wrestled with God and himself.
  • A few days later, he came back and poured out his heart and soul to his family. Wade shared with them how important they were to him; work didn’t matter, and he was done. It was a dramatic line he drew in the sand for his family; he never went back to the shop.
  • He built his own fabrication business making fire kettles and took them to a home show. Wade met these people who read his pamphlet where he mentions freedom and they told Wade if he wanted to experience freedom he needed to go to Guatemala. The more Wade and his family studied about Guatemala; they decided to do a family adventure and go all in. They got rid of their house, and most of their stuff; almost everything had to go.

“I knew I had to leave, and I packed my shit and went to the mountains in the snow and wrestled with God and myself.” – Wade

Topic #3

Tub Full of  Memories

  • They distilled their life down to a storage unit and went to Guatemala. They were there for three months, and they were surprised at how progressive it was, and it opened up their whole world. What difference did that decision make in their marriage? The willingness to have the adventure, to both be willing to listen to the voice. It was the beginning of the couple always being alive and vibrant.
  • Would Wade still be with his family if they had stayed and not gone on the adventure? No, they would be a broken family or his wife would be a beat down woman, beat down kids and a raging Dad. They had to do something, and it was a mid-life calling.
  • There will always be a shift in growth; a call to adventure. It isn’t easy, and it requires sacrifice, but it is still worth it. When you lean forward and want a life worth living, you are flying by the seat of your pants. It was tough at first for Wade because he is a planner, his wife is more relaxed and loved every minute of the adventure.
  • The hope is in the inner voice; the world tells you to stay in one in direction. They discovered freedom in Guatemala that gave them the ability to know they could do anything.

“There will always be a shift in growth; a call to adventure”- Jason

Closing Thoughts

  • The text that Jason got from Wade asking if he was all in for an adventure; they meet at Home Depot, and Wade asks Jason to trust him. They bought white painter suits, and Jason brought his son and Wade and his son. They got in the car, and Wade blindfolded them.
  • The hardest part of leaving for Guatemala was decluttering your life. Jason has been struggling with that, to get rid of shit. Wade has been working on repossessed homes, going in and winterizing them. He found a house that was a hoarder house, and he knew that it was a perfect place to bring Jason.
  • Jason is blindfolded and climbing over piles of shit, and then he took off their blindfolds and told them to say the first thing they saw. The first thing Jason saw was an old worn DVD case, and Jack Nicholson’s face is staring at him; it was the Shining. It was a horrifying place and just heavy and dense.
  • Breathing in the dark, heavy places of your life and exhaling out clean and pureness. Trying to envision the house clean, beautiful, painted and new carpet; shit was stacked up 3 to 4 feet. It was one of the most dramatic experiences that Jason had.
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