Scheduled Sex

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, the couple discusses the need to be creative and how that works with the masculine and feminine energies. In that, the desire to be creative in sex can be difficult, when the daily tasks of life creep in. Scheduling sex with your partner should be considered to create a structure that creativity can be expressed within. Spontaneity isn’t always an option, but thought-filled moments created with intention can deliver a sexual experience that far outlasts the evening.

Topic #1

Creative Energy and the Cult of Yex

  • Jennie has a Warrior Life Event in Laguna Beach and has labeled her t-shirts and intimates for the trip. This is the last event for Jennie for the year, so she can focus on coaching and setting their calendar for next year. Jennie made a list of the 100 things she is grateful for, Jason loved that she said she is grateful for being creative.
  • Jennie is an artist, singer, and creative verbally. The events are always different, and Jennie plans that aspect; including creative role-playing. They are 50+ episodes into the podcast and Jason has never mentioned the Fantasy novels he has published on Amazon. There are geared toward young adults and have little to no sex in them. It is called, “The Cult of Yex,” there are three out so far. The first is called, ”2nd Cataclysm,” the second is “Prophecies of Old,” and the third is “Bystle Vale.” At this time he is working on his next set.
  • Creative energies can be pigeonholed as feminine or masculine. You can’t just be one or the other that would be pure chaos. When Jennie writes, she can structure in the masculine, and then drops into her creative feminine. The masculine being absolute awareness and consciousness brings you intention, you then move in your body to employ the feminine and allow the creative flow to spark; then back to the masculine to create structure.

“The masculine being absolute awareness and consciousness brings you intention, you then move in your body to employ the feminine and allow the creative flow to spark; then back to the masculine to create structure- Jennie

Topic #2   

Zigging and Zagging and Anal Glands

  • Was there a time in their life when they had a plan, and inspiration struck and caused resistance? It happens in all relationships, where there is a plan, and you’re going to stick to it, and you zig instead of zag. Jason zig and zags all over the fucking place and Jennie is good at having a plan. For her to be able to flow creatively she has to have a plan, a masculine structure; put it down on paper, but Jennie can also through it all out the window.
  • Jennie has been approached before about scheduling sex; it is a real thing when you have kids, a job and travel. So many think that ruins it; it has to be spontaneous. To Jennie it is exactly what they are talking about; you set the time and place, that is your structure; within that, it’s a fucking free for all. That’s where the juice comes out and is fucking delightful. Put it on the calendar, carve it out of your day and make it that important.
  • We schedule our meetings and appointments to get your dog’s anal glands expressed, come on; Once you create that container of structure, fucking plop in there and be creative. There is a card game called “Magic the Gathering.” Jason taught it to his kids when they were little, and he used to sale the sets at his store. It is an evolving card game, that is released set after set. The creator of the game said that the worst thing someone can do is think outside of the box. He will fashion a box around himself and create within that box, and it is far more productive.
  • Within the Warrior Way, one of the most consistent things Jason and Jennie have done for themselves is the green smoothie they start their day with. But they play with it and keep coming up with new variations of the green smoothie. It’s just a box, it’s a green smoothie, but it’s a new creation every time.

“I zig and zag all over the fucking place; Jennie is good at having a plan.” – Jason

Topic #3

I Can Fit You In Saturday

  • Jason last week kept trying for spontaneous sex, to the point that it caused conflict. When they planned an evening of sex for Friday, they had the house to themselves, they cooked, talked and had sex. They planned for a sex weekend to know that it was coming again on Saturday, even a disruption with the dog didn’t steal away their focus; that they had made a plan and we’re sticking to it.
  • There is something very relaxing about pinning it down and determining when you are going to have sex. Sex is that tricky edge where if someone feels slighted or ignored, and you’re trying to lead up to sex, your wading into fucking tricky water. Why not just be obvious about it? Say we are going to fuck, and we need to take care of these things so that can happen.
  • For Jennie and her nervous system, things have to be taken care of; house cleaned, the stack is done, schedule set and Core 4 done. If Jason cleans the house or sets things up to ease Jennie’s nervous system, not knowing whether he is getting sex or not he is setting her up; you better give me sex look at all I did. But there is a different vibe when sex is on the calendar, and he is doing those things, he is setting things up within that frame.
  • Sometimes you can organically bring out that sexual energy; but for the times when there is so much going on, pin it down and carve it out and schedule it. Having the structure of a time and place allows you to be more creative within that.

“Sex is that tricky edge where if someone feels slighted or ignored and you’re trying to lead up to sex, you’re wading into fucking tricky water. Why not just be obvious about it?”- Jennie


Closing Thoughts

  • If you’re having trouble getting together, schedule it. The other piece is setting that container, that space so that there is safety and everything is taken care of. That is huge for Jennie to know that the doors are locked, the house is clean, the dogs are taken care of; there is nothing to be done by her masculine.
  • If the dog is constantly scratching at the door and you’re trying to have sex with your wife, she is going to be in a zipped-up state to some degree, because she can’t fully relax. Taking care of the little things, because women are so particular, and we notice everything and are very sensory driven. When you take care of the surroundings, so she doesn’t have to stay zipped up in any way shape or form is where you want to get her.
  • It works and if you think about regarding the beholder and the beheld; you need both sides for something to happen. If you would like to contact Jason and Jennie about any of the things that they have talked about or upcoming events go to Subscribe, rate and review this podcast at Itunes.
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