Deep Breaths

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, the practice of deep breathing is used for many things including sex and meditation. When you can master the depth and speed of your breath, you can increase the pleasure you are experiencing in your orgasm; not just for you but your partner. Take the time to practice and get to know your body; listen to your breathing and improve all areas of your life.

Topic #1

Breathing Leads to Better Sex

  • Coming off of a get it done at the last minute trek, the couple is glad to be back on their schedule. The couple noticed that although they were running close to the wire with their podcasts, they became increasingly topical.

  • Breath is the topic of conversation for the couple today; the two primary reasons they use breath is for meditative tools and sex. One of the basic practices of everyone that wants to meditate and become clear, have more energy and have better sex is to deepen their breath. To slow down, and deepen it, in and out deep and regular breathing. A lot of people do that to increase their energy; whenever Jason starts to get tired, he begins to breathe deeper and slower and inhale and exhale.

  • Having Jennie hold space, she holds the masculine space in her body well; she loves to move in her feminine, but she can sit still. Jason can do it, but it takes more effort to sit still. Jason has done a lot of teaching in the past few years, and in that, you don’t have to sit still, so when he is forced to sit still and hold space, he gets drowsy. He engaged in the breath thing, but it affects Jason in the opposite of creating energy; he was ready for a nap.

  • This is years now that he struggles in the afternoon, being tired. He decided to switch up his breath by emphasizing the inhale; long deep powerful inhales, so much so that his diaphragm lowered and he could feel it on the bottom of his pelvic floor. He inflated his balls and then exhaled shorter. You can get to know yourself when you are holding space for someone.

“I have done a lot of teaching in the past few years, in that you don’t have to sit still. When I am forced to be still and hold space I get drowsy.”- Jason

Topic #2

Pump and Inflate

  • Five powerful in breaths every 30 minutes was the ticket; it energizes Jason and has solved the problem. After hearing this Jennie played around with some breath practice; they try a lot of different things in their workshops, it informs them in sex and enlivening their body. There are breathing exercises that will pump up your pussy and inflate your balls; gets you enlivened and excited.

  • It is important to start playing with your breath. In sex most people envision the quick in and out breathing, also known as the clitoral sneeze; to Jennie, that breath is throwing off something, because it is getting so intense. With a clitoral orgasm, it is very localized and focused; it’s keeping things localized but throws off the intensity a little bit.

  • The natural way to breathe during sex is the short fast breaths; no one teaches you that it just occurs naturally. The game is to start to play with breath and see how it can affect your orgasm. Jennie cannot do super rigorous breathing and have an orgasm; it is too distracting and too much fullness. So she tones it down a bit, still achieving the full breaths, not the chesty little mouse breathing sending a message to her body that she is in fight or flight mode. Deepening her breath keeps her present, she keeps it full and soft until she has an orgasm.

  • A purely clitoral orgasm causes such sensitivity, you don’t want to be touched. It becomes overwhelming. By controlling your breath at orgasm, making it not so localized, you can continue to have orgasm after orgasm, and it is far more pleasurable.

“There are breathing exercises that actually pump up your pussy and inflate your balls; gets you enlivened and excited.” – Jennie

Topic #3

The Rolling Thunder

  • Specifics of the breathing pattern is a personal practice. Every woman needs to play around with their breathing and see what works for them. Jennie emphasizes her inhale, but she also feels that she is more of a natural inhaler. It takes discipline to stay with a deep breath during an orgasm; staying with it as it rolls all the way into the next orgasm. An excellent place to start is just practicing deepening and slowing your breath.

  • Orgasm is a stress reliever on the surface, but when you go deeper, it is relaxation filled. That is the gateway to deeper pleasure; the orgasms are far better. It is also the gateway to deeper connection; when Jennie is having a deeper, longer orgasm, Jason is with her, and it is a more profound experience between them. Just breathing deeper with your partner is a game changer.

  • Sex becomes a much deeper thing than just rubbing off on each other and going about your day. The way to be with someone is to look them in the eyes. What can a man do to help a woman while she is deepening her breath on the sexual occasion? It is the synchronizing of the breath, pulling her out of herself, but when the man syncs his breath with hers that is the golden piece. Not syncing in the way of copying but more so in the form of keeping the rhythm of breaths for both of you.

  • As the masculine partner, deepen your breath and look into her eyes and be aware of her breath always bringing it to depth. There is a trust that develops, and it is subconscious; even if the breathing quickens, it stays on beat.

“Orgasm is a stress reliever on the surface but when you go deeper it is relaxation filled.”- Jason

Closing Thoughts

  • There are options for experiencing a deeper connection. Deepen and slow your breath and the man can keep the beat of the deepness; practice makes perfect. A groove will develop with a couple, but you can also do a masturbation practice by yourself, playing with the breath. You will see what works, if you can get hard with a certain breath or if it softens your cock. Same for a woman; use your hand or a toy and not a vibrator because you can’t focus on your breath.

  • It is fascinating to see the inner play of breath, sound, and movement and how that all co-creates this amazing sexual experience. They are breath practices that a man can do to keep from ejaculating. There is so much that the breath signals to your body on how it behaves and senses things; it can enhance sex.

  • You can have quick little sexual instances, but your body and your relationship need to be able to sink in for a night and create a week or two of easier energetic flow. If you want that fully functioning balance in your Body, Being, Balance, and Business, starting with the breath and lengthening your sexual experience, it is the gateway to the depth of spiritual connection which is feeding your soul.

  • It feeds your relationship, it feeds you, and it goes back to the simple practice of breath. People don’t take the time to learn about their bodies, the time to experiment to figure out what works for them.

  • If you want to start learning about self-awareness and how your brain works and your past and history, how you can exercise better and use your body better for spiritual, bodily connection; the first step is to focus on your breath.

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