Anger, A Stack, and a French Whore

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason and Jennie are readying for Jennie’s upcoming event, “The Elemental Feminine,” and she has all of her costumes out and ready. The feminine likes adornment and light, and makeup, hair, and clothing are only a part of that. A daringness and willingness emerge when a woman embodies her shapeshifter within.


Topic #1

Anger, A Stack, and a French Whore

  • Last time the couple talked Jennie was angry with Jason, and now she is less angry because she did a Stack. She Stacked Jason first and then she Stacked herself, and it made her realize that everyone collapses; if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be human. Within the collapse, you can find creation, as long as you bring awareness to the fact that you are collapsed. You can create from that state; it brings awareness so that you can open again. The closure isn’t bad; it gives birth to creation.
  • Getting ready for Jennie’s upcoming event this weekend, “ The Elemental Feminine,” there are costumes involved in it. Why are there costumes involved? It is an essential piece to the feminine, having an appreciation for when you dress a certain way, you feel a certain way. Jennies work wardrobe drives her crazy; she walks into her closet every morning and gets depressed. She desires different clothing, different colors, and textures; when she puts that on her body, she feels better and sexier. The feminine likes adornment and light; We paint our toenails, fingernails, we adorn our ears and our nipples, and those are very energetic points of the feminine.
  • Jason’s mother hated makeup because she had a story in her head that it made her a french whore; it was negative and a trigger for her. That association with the feminine in a diminished state, a weaker state is a message that a woman has to look and smell a certain way.

“My mother hated makeup and perfume because she had a story in her head that it made her look and smell like a french whore; it was a negative trigger for her.”- Jason

Topic #2   

Shapeshifting Without Spanx

  • Jason thinks Jennie is a genius with makeup, which is interesting because at times she chooses not to wear it. She loves the artistry of it, and loves to do different things with it; she never gets bored with it.
  • The feminine is intended to be a shapeshifter and is not a static force. This is why Jennie’s clothes are bothering her; because they are becoming a fixed point. Sexually you can access different energies; having sex with Jennie is like spaghetti and Meatballs one night and steak the next. All the different flavors and there are 3 pieces to it. One would be the costume, grounding into different energy with that. The next would be an accent, and the third would be the subtle energy that runs through her body.
  • It is exhilarating for Jason that she inhabits different energies; she is a shapeshifter. That is the domain of the feminine; you can’t pin your own or your partner’s energy up into a stasis. That is not what the feminine is about; it should zig and zag and be all over the place. Jennie has worked with a lot of women that get stuck in a certain color or fashion. When a woman begins to embody their feminine, a daringness and willingness to experiment emerges.

“It is very exciting for me that Jennie inhabits different energies; she is a shapeshifter.” – Jason

Topic #3

Try the Lipstick; Buy the Fairy Costume

  • Women have their stories about how they are supposed to look or not look, that feels oppressive and harsh; there is modesty that is expected, and the heavyweight of experience of how to fit in. Jennie has said many times to find your authentic voice in light, in makeup, clothing; it is a soul trip for he to shop, she is really in her feminine. It is a full sensory experience with the colors and textures.
  • Jennie could spend hours looking at makeup it’s almost an ecstatic experience that she gets pleasure from. Everyone has them, and Jennie considers Jason’s desires without feeling oppression about it. Sometimes she takes his taste into account, and sometimes she doesn’t; she is confident about it and has relaxed confidence walking through life.
  • Jennie encourages women to go out and explore, and buy costumes; if you haven’t been feeding the shapeshifter in you, it can be revealing. Collecting costumes over time has increased the understanding Jennie has for the feminine and shapeshifter inside of herself. For the men, it’s that place of noticing if your woman is more enlivened or less? Buy your partner something that she wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself but you know would titillate her. Notice how then she wants to express how she is feeling to you.

“Go out and explore and buy costumes. If you haven’t been feeding the shapeshifter in you, it can be revealing.”- Jennie


Closing Thoughts

  • The four stages of orientation are very useful in Jennie’s teaching. In the first stage, you would dress sexy to be noticed. In the second stage, you are dressing sexy for yourself. In the third stage, the communicative stage, you dress down a little. The fourth stage it goes back to being more of an offering, what serves, what is more, open to love; will this look good on me and will it delight my husband?
  • Everyone has their first stage moments where they do something nice and want to be noticed. What are some of Jennie’s favorite costumes? She has a pleather bunny costume, a large green fairy dress with a massive train and corset top, and she has a lot of corsets and flapper dresses. She has a love-hate relationship with pleather because it is a bitch to get into; it is very hot and requires baby powder.
  • There is one spot available for the event this weekend for The Elemental Feminine, and the couple is opening it up for one scholarship offering to one lucky lady. You have to get there, but the couple will cover the cost of the event. If you are interested, go to and go to the application page, fill that out and state that you are applying for a scholarship and that you heard this podcast. The couple wants to give back, and it is important for them to remove the excuse for one person to come to The Elemental Feminine.


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