Not A Happy Ending

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason and Jennie are sharing their disbelief and anger with their listeners. What can you do when a small town decides to regulate the ability to heal through touch by classifying as a sexually oriented business? You don’t take it lying down (pun intended) You need to educate those that have been triggered by a bad experience to understand that not all sexual energy is wrong. Just by covering a nipple with a glittery star, does not make the nipple cease to exist. It’s the systemic sedation of the American man and woman, and we need to realize without touch, we will all die.


Topic #1

Not THAT Kind of Massage

  • Sexually orientated businesses, massage therapy, and men’s retreats are the topics of conversation in this podcast. In Utah, there is a city that is trying to change the classification of Massage over to Sexually Orientated Business, i.e., strip clubs. They have a friend Crystal worked so hard to become a massage therapist and is focused on healing people through touch. This classification change has used the business of massage therapy in a way to make the public think that it is something sexual and not therapeutic.
  • Sexual healing can be something as simple as a touch to your face. With a culture that wears beautiful, powerful symbolic clothing of protection, the Mormon garments, there is a sacredness from their perspective that they need to protect their body. Massage is unsavory to them because your body should only be unclothed in front of your mate. If it’s your personal choice to live by that, it’s okay. But for a law to be put into place that prohibits others who don’t feel the same, that is wrong.
  • Sports Therapy is massage, where will the line be drawn. How can anyone look at that and think that is a sexually orientated business. They do have massage businesses that specialize in the “Happy Endings;” but that is something completely different than a legitimate business that heals through touch.

“Sexual healing can be something as simple as a touch to your face.”- Jennie

Topic #2   

Getting Squeamish

  • One of the couples practices is to verbalize sexual energy; talk dirty or whatever your version of that is. Eventually, you will hit an edge when you go as far as you can go. In that edge you will start to giggle; it’s hitting that edge of not being comfortable, so you start to giggle.
  • There are squeamish people in this town in Utah that are uncomfortable and are trying to shut down the legitimate massage industry. These people have worked their fucking asses off to become trained healers; Because we as a society have a disposition of squeamishness in our nervous system and culture about sex. Sexual healing, through a massage therapist, pressing into your body, not breast, ass or genitals, and doing healing someone can trigger and pull the rug out of every flavor of sexual energy. Someone has felt pushed up to their edge of squeamishness, and all the assumptions are made because someone is merely touching another human being.
  • This is all about touch. A lot of damage can happen from the absence of contact to a living, breathing organism, human or animal. The need to be touched is to experience sexual, physical, mental healing. This law isn’t just hurting the massage therapist because they can’t work; they are physically hurting people by denying them touch. You are putting up a barrier between them and people who need to be healed through touch. A physical therapist can’t help my hurt knee because they have to touch me and that’s sexual; go fuck yourself.

“This law isn’t just hurting the massage therapist because they can’t work; it is physically hurting people by denying them healing through touch.” – Jason

Topic #3

All Up in That

  • Some people are offended by talking about sex on this podcast, but we are talking about healing peoples souls through the body so that they can live a life worth living and create a legacy. Consider this; what does a physician do? You go to your doctor, and they are up in your business way more than a massage therapist. Are there bad physicians? Fuck yes and they do abuse their patients.
  • But because one physician does terrible things, all physicians are not classified as a sexually oriented business. Everyone is the product of sex; when you start to open it eventually, you realize that everything is alive with duality. It is the most critical force in the universe; it is the universe. But it can be misused. Instead of shutting our sexual energy down, we need to work through it; we need to educate.
  • Going through what they did with their daughter Amethyst, it would have been very easy to collapse and create a domino effect because of what happened. They could have shut her down and diminish her and make her sexuality less apparent, and clamp down on it. Instead, they chose to say fuck no; Amethyst is a beautiful, radiant sexual being. Just because something bad happened, someone managed to get their hooks in doesn’t mean everything she is should go away. No, she will continue to be the beautiful, sexual being she has always been. Do we need to learn and become more attuned to the dangers? Yes. Do we need to teach others to be aware? Yes.
  • Bad things happen, but you cannot make broad range judgments across the board and knock down all the fucking dominoes, all the way to the point of saying a healer cannot be paid to work on your body and heal you. The common thread is fear, and nothing good comes from fear.

“Bad things happen but you cannot make broad range judgments across the board and knock down all the fucking dominoes, all the way to the point of saying a healer cannot be paid to work on my body and heal me.”- Jennie

Closing Thoughts

  • There is that transition point you need to make where you identify sexual energy and what you are going to do with it, and trust each other with it instead of clamping down on it. You cannot look at a person and say, learn how to deal with your sexuality and integrity if you aren’t even going to let them use certain words or look at certain images or to get a fucking massage.
  • This is the systematic sedation of the American man and woman. It’s like we want to keep people stupid and they are not; that is why there is a struggle with the realm of sexuality. If we all can’t touch each other, we are all going to fucking die.
  • In the strip clubs in Utah women cannot show their nipples, for whatever reason. They wear pasties over them, and they wear underwear on their bottoms. Jason envisions a table of old white dudes sitting around discussing whether they can just shut the shit down. They don’t like it so they decide to make these women cover their nipples; when Jason can walk down the street and strut his nipples any time he wants. It’s ridiculous. It’s a fear-based group, a jackassery of people who have to do something to cover their insecurities about sexuality.
  • We all want people to be healthy, sexually. That means in their Body, Being, Balance, and Business. Take a perfectly healthy person who is messed up sexually, and they are still going to be fucked up sexually; it will come out in all areas of their lives. Heal them sexually at the base so they can thrive in the Core 4 areas of Body, Being, Balance, and Business.
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