Sexuality is not Sex

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason and Jennie are here today and excited about her return from the first ever Warrior Women. Finding that you have suppressed your sexuality and not using it to empower you throughout all of your life, can dim your fire. Sexuality is what keeps the fire burning and ignites your life force energy and movement. Women need to embrace the hunt and stop settling for the scraps from someone else; stop settling for the leftovers, the meat is your birthright.


Topic #1

The Warrior Woman

  • Jennie is back from Warrior Women, and it was amazing. She is still addressing the stories she didn’t know were still there. She has worked around it in such a way that she didn’t even know it was there. Jennie has had a story about worthiness that has been there since childhood and ran into it full on during Warrior Women.
  • She is expanding and growing in different ways this summer and now is bumping into it. Jason has a shit ton of Warrior Gear and wears it with hi-frequency. Jennie and he both ended up wearing their warrior shirts to karate when she got back. It was an incredibly powerful experience, and she can see them pulling some threads from over the next few podcasts.

“I sit here and look at you telling this and I always thought you knew you were worthy.”- Jason

Topic #2   

Keep Those Kettles Burning

  • One of the topics covered sexuality, which got her attention. We as women consider sexuality as something else that needs to be done. You are busy all day with the usual responsibilities, and you get home, and you don’t want to fuck your husband or fuck your wife. As a woman your sexuality isn’t something that you need to do, it is just who you are. Sexuality should be your power source.
  • If you are pushing away your sexuality because you are feeling diminished or unloved, you aren’t standing in your power by not claiming your sexuality. As a woman, your sexuality is your fire and is your power. Jennies stories around sexuality have hobbled her. Stories that she wasn’t as radiant as she was, that she shouldn’t dress a certain way.
  • Why would you want to get rid of a story if it serves you? Because it may be giving you what you need one some level, but it is also keeping you from your organic life. Start to consider what stories are hobbling you and what stories are going to get you back to your radiant self. Warrior teaches the four areas of Body, Being, Balance, and Business. Sexuality is the fire that runs under all of that. It’s the fire that keeps those kettles burning.

“You are busy all day with cleaning, cooking, working, taking care of the kids; you get home and you don’t want to fuck your husband or wife.” – Jennie

Topic #3

Those Wiley, Wooley Women

  • Sexuality is not sex; it’s the full spectrum of being a woman; working with life force energy and movement. As you run into these stories in all of these places, use The Stack and kick that shit out of there. Clean your lens.
  • The natural state of the Wiley, Wooley woman. They have an event called the Elemental Feminine coming up at the end of September. Jennie is helping, leading and guiding women to listen to the voice.
  • A lot of the Women who came to Warrior Women had men in their lives that are affiliated with Warrior Men. Their men were rising, and they wanted to as well. But there were women out on the hunt for themselves and not settling for the scraps from their men. There are diminishing returns on eating scraps; you get to the point of being in a weakened state because you aren’t hunting your eating leftovers. You aren’t fueling yourself properly. Ladies, it is standing in your fucking power, in your sexuality.
  • If you went to Warrior Week, Jennie’s connection to her sexuality, charged and Jason could feel that in her and she stayed wild; She came back and wanted to be fed, and then took a nap.

“There are diminishing returns on eating scraps; you get to a weakened state because you aren’t hunting, your eating leftovers.”- Jennie

Closing Thoughts

  • Jennie took the Warrior energy and connected it with her feminine side, and it was like boom! As we engage in a very masculine edge world, you cannot scrape your sexuality off at the door and expect that you will be in that power in your environment. You have to bring it with you. It’s your power source.
  • Some ladies when you talk to them you can feel very little energy coming from them as a whole. Those same women when they tap into their sexuality, all of the sudden they have more vitality in their life. Women need to own it and stop thinking that all we should get is scraps. Stop settling; it’s your birthright.
  • Get deep in it and be who you are, don’t just do who you are. You know when someone is just doing sex.
  • For more information on the Elemental Feminine, you can contact the couple at Take your intimacy further and Subscribe rate and review this podcast on Itunes.


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