Jason Hired a Prostitute

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason and Jennie reflect on how their day has been stressful readying Jennie for her first Warrior Week for Women. Watching your partner stress out and letting them just work through it is hard to accept and standby for. The couple also discusses the time that Jason hired Jennie as a prostitute. There was a lot of playfulness to it, as well as intense sexual energy. There is also something very powerful about getting paid for the powerful sexual experience.


Topic #1

When Procrastination is Your Flavor

  • Jennie is going to Warrior Week for Women in Laguna Beach. A year ago this same week, Jason started his journey with Warrior. It’s been stressful approaching this week because Jennie is a procrastinator. It is her flavor of self-sabotage, procrastination. Jason is holding tight and breathing deep.
  • Jennie reminded him of someone, being angry and rushed; she reminded Jason of himself. What Jason does and does well is he is compassionate and holds space for her so she can work through it. In those moments he stays with her; it’s her adult temper tantrum, and there is no excuse for it. If you try to help someone through that and fix it for them, it usually makes it worse.
  • Sometimes it is hard because first, you are in a fix it mode; a co-dependent thing, I want you okay so that I am okay. It’s that place of taking on shit that is not ours. Jason has located the origin of his. His first wife when she had meltdowns, he knew she was out of control; the alarms go off, and he hits the panic button. He had to practice with Jennie and be aware that he had a trigger that caused panic.

“I want you okay so that I am okay. It’s that place of taking on shit that is not ours.”- Jennie

Topic #2   

Jason Hired a Prostitute

  • When Jason was in his 20’s he was having problems with his first wife, he went to a spiritual woman, a religious leader in the community and told her that his wife was out of control, drinking,  and she could die. All the woman would say was yeah, okay. Jason started getting infuriated and said what was he supposed to do. The lady told him there was nothing she could do; Jason wanted someone to panic with him.
  • Jennie had stress today, and Jason wanted people to know how he helped her today; by trying not to fix it. Instead of saving, just being present and at that, the right moment helped by leading and not diving into the shithole with her. Just holding space was a learned behavior and response for Jason; he always used to try to be a savior.
  • Jason hired a prostitute. In reality, they were expanding in their energetic realms and were gifting each other. Jason hired Jennie; he never had a strong desire to hire a prostitute.
  • Jason was playing with this idea and asked Jennie if he could hire her for an hour. Jennie said sure, but he needed to contact her secretary, and she was $2000 an hour. It was a safe and healthy, fun concept to play with and a fun place to go with each other. They had played with the idea before once, and we’re going to hire each other for 30 minutes. This time Jennie was getting paid, and she was going to be in charge.
  • Jason emailed an imaginary person and set it up and rented a hotel room in Heber. He got the room, but Jennie got there before him; even knowing she was there, Jason was nervous. He went to the room, and it was 55 minutes; he didn’t even get the full hour, and Jennie kept the $2000. What did he get out of it? It was fun to do something dangerous, and it was fascinating to see her in power. Jennie was so delighted and had so much fun and kept character about 90% of the time. Jason just loved it, and it was just a fun thing.
  • There was a lot of playfulness to it, mixed with intense sexual energy. Also, a mischievous side to it and she knew she could fuck with him. It felt very powerful to Jennie and an incredible edge to the business side and the sexual portion of it; it was very gratifying. There was something very remarkable about getting paid for a powerful sexual experience.

“It was fun to do something dangerous and it was very interesting to see Jennie in power.” – Jason

Topic #3

When Sex is an Art

  • Stepping into this wasn’t easy for Jennie, she had never done that before. But Jason was empowered knowing he could ask for whatever he would like. It’s incredibly important not just to be devoted to the light but also the dark. There was an artistic side to it, every piece of her costume, her makeup and hair were thought out. So much effort went into the particular details which became a devotional offering for Jason.
  • If you only devote your time to the light things in life you’re missing out on the dark. Dark energy does not mean bad. It’s a beautiful offering to have your partner feel free enough to ask you for that energy; for some women going into the dark is difficult. Jennies edge is the light; love and light make her squeamish. It’s a place of being willing and practicing trying one these different energies.
  • Everything Jason and Jennie do is directed through their hearts. All of the conferences and the playing with the energies all run through their heart; changing it from what be thought of as bad and evolving, filtering and purifying it. It’s not about the anger coming up and becoming light, it’s filtered and becomes love. When you are asked to do different energies, where do you go to learn them? Women learn by watching women; there are certain keys you can pick up. Start being observant and curious.
  • Jennie has learned a lot by working with women in the Elemental Feminine; she sees something in them, and they may see something in her. They support and challenge each other as well as share love with each other. Jennie is always energized by spending time with the other women.

“Women learn by watching other women and there are certain keys you can pick up. Start being observant and curious.”- Jennie

Closing Thoughts

  • Men you need to go to your women and be honest with them; getting real and going to the Stack if you need to work through something first. If someone asks something that is way out of your comfort zone, push to the edge that you’re comfortable with, not that you will ever get there or want to. Jason can ask Jennie anything but she may not be comfortable in all of it and can tell him that.
  • Women you need to value your sexual energy and power; it is priceless. At that moment with Jason, she realized how valuable her sexual energy was to Jason. It is the kind of energy that fees a man’s soul, and Jason’s joy is received by seeing joy. Jason would never leave Jennie because she feeds his soul; it fuels him and in turn in fuels her too.
  • The last piece was when he entered that hotel room, Jennie demands the $2000, she was stepping up, and he had to step up too. If he hadn’t, she would have been out of there. In the deeper connection between the two of them as it grows, they demand more of it from each other.
  • Go to www.shadesofintimacy.com and get more information on the Elemental Female and other conferences coming up with Jason and Jennie Smith.


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