The Desperation of Disconnection

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason and Jennie spend time with the listeners sharing what they took away from hearing each other remix of their personal origin stories. Knowing now the heartbreak and disconnect the other was suffering in silence through, was emotional. If you are in a relationship that is duty bound and based on loyalty, you need to learn ways to turn it towards connection. Decide that disconnection is no longer an option, have what it takes to say, “No Fucking More.”


Topic #1

Origin Re-mix

  • The couple begins this episode by talking about how they just listened to their new Origins episode. Their producer encouraged them to redo their origin story and to do them separately. They didn’t listen to them until they got home, and heard them along with you the listener.
  • Jason said he was almost brought to tears listening to Jennie’s episode. They just came out of a 3-day Shades of Intimacy workshop. Transitioning from that has been difficult and they are getting ready to head into the Elemental Feminine Workshop. Getting women back in touch with their body’s and their feelings. Taking a deep dive into Feminine sensuality and pleasure and all things that surround that. No hand mirrors looking at your pussies, it’s about expression.
  • Jason addresses the men in regards to if their women are experiencing sedation in the bedroom. Jennie was missing her feminine energy. It was like being in shrink wrap and she was in pain. One of the games she learned to play, she was able to enliven Jason again, and she was enlivened when her feminine energy came back. She was alive in body, pleasure and in pain. In listening to her origin, it was very emotional to hear how diminished she was emotional.
  • Women are so skilled at doing the masculine within their feminine. Men are conditioned to hide their feelings and have to be opened up to bring their feminine within being emotional. Both sexes, have both sides. Jennie has a skill of being able to move back and forth between the two. Jason brought the feminine to the surface in Jennie, because of his masculine. There is only so much your masculine partner can do to crack that open in you. It wasn’t until Jennie began to work with women that she mastered cracking that open by herself.  

“There are no hand mirrors looking at your pussies; it’s about sensual expression.”- Jennie

Topic #2   

Loyalty and Connection

  • Jason didn’t like sending Jennie away to women’s conferences. All of his insecurities bubbled to the surface, thinking they were going to experience something with her, he wasn’t. He encourages men to send their women a way to be with other women. They have a language all of their own that thrives and comes alive when they are together. It is tribal.
  • Jennie found it fascinating to she listen to Jason’s origins story, not knowing what the other would say. He started his story about how his lack of connection started as a child. Her connection was non-existent because she thought loyalty and connection were the same things. Didn’t realize they were not the same until she met Jason. Loyalty isn’t bad, but there is no fuel to it without a connection.
  • It is untrue to say that men want sex and not connected, and that only women want connection. But sex is the doorway to the connection for men. Loyalty can hold people in a very static state, connection demands for you to continue to grow and meet at a different level. Loyalty is just a rigid connection. There is no blame in needing a connection with your mate and it is tied to everything. Loyalty is one step away from duty.
  • How many relationships out there are in that area of duty? When are you feeling duty bound?

“Duty and Loyalty sees us through times, but you absolutely cannot live there.” – Jennie

Topic #3

Jacking Off and T.V. Dinners

  • The couple just had a pre-meeting for an event they have coming up. There were people there that were very vibrant, and it reminds Jason to come alive and move towards connection. We have learned growing up to compete and distrust each other as women. To dispose of that and realize that bringing that connection back, serves us; we need each other,.
  • There is a tool they used called the Stack. Examining the stories you may have about your relationships with women, and eliminating that need to compete and put each other down. There is so much in us that can’t be removed at one time, but you need to go to events and utilize a tool like the stack, it chips away at all of it.
  • Jason is looking forward to the Elemental Feminine in September. If you are interested go to  and fill out an application to attend.
  • Jennie loved the rawness of Jason’s origins story. The fact that he was jerking off in the bathroom, in utter despondency. The quiet desperation that hurt the most. He was longing for a connection that he had to put his foot down to get. Jennie was in the bedroom masturbating with a T.V. dinner and her dogs. It leads to Jason drawing a line in the sand, and them both saying no fucking more.
  • Jason realized they both discussed family in their origins, and their conferences deal with realigning lineages. Discovering who the fuck you are. If you know who you are, it goes down through the line to your kids. Metaphorically speaking there is a place of having to kill the construct of your parents. There is shit your parents did to you and you have done to your kids that you need to dig through and get rid of.

“Discover who the fuck you are. If you know who you are it goes down through the line to your kids.”- Jason

Closing Thoughts

  • Jason and Jennie are destroyers of the illusions and the ego structures. The flipsides are you start to see the connections. Bringing their parents in and realizing the pain their parents were in. There is shit within the last year that almost destroyed them. They are still navigating their way out of it. Things were so good and in 20 minutes things started to go bad quickly.
  • There are stories with their kids that have brought them to their knees. These are all stories they are going to share with you. They have worked their asses off, to work out of their sedation. There is so much love between them. They have re-discovered at their last Shades of Intimacy conference.


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