The Beginning of the Awakening

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason talks about his memories from the beginning of his awakening to the Warriors Way. From a first marriage bathed in alcoholism and infidelity and a tragic end to his parents dysfunctional, disconnected relationship; he hoped for more from his current marriage. When life happens and you make work your priority over intimacy, it takes a wake up call and a lot of commitment to dive into the depths of your relationship. Jason sharpened his masculine sword and filled Jennie with her feminine fullness. The couple is ready to get real and raw and tell the fucking truth about their failures and successes.


Topic #1

TV dinners and jerking off

  • Hiding in his locked bathroom, with the faucet running, his kids are at the kitchen table, and his wife is in the bedroom with her dinner alone. He is in the bathroom lighting the connection with his wife he had at first, but instead, he is in the bathroom jerking His parents 45 years married had little intimacy they were always working, and they didn’t see their children a lot their marriage involved quite a bit of alcohol and cheating.
  • Jason wanted his relationship to be better as he grew older. His first wife he tried to make it work. Jason would go to work, and his son Asher would try to keep up with him riding his bike alongside his car. It would break Jason’s heart every single time because he wanted his dad to be home. Jason’s culture and religion, everyone around said that he had to go to work. But he wanted to be different. His first marriage had a lot of alcoholism and cheating and ended tragically. Jason became a single father, but he excelled at it.

“My first marriage had a lot of alcohol and cheating. It ended tragically and I became a single father; I excelled at it. ”

Topic #2   

Warriors Way

  • A few years later he met Jenny and the first year was terrific, but a few years later, here he was, no connection and lacking intimacy and jacking off in the bathroom. Jason was feeling shitty, the kids felt shitty, and Jennie felt shitty, and he knew something’s just not working. Something changed within him, and he cleans himself up, and he decided to end it now. He knocked on the bedroom door and told Jenny that things have got to change, they can’t keep going on like this. She looks up and agrees.
  • So they started the work, they were committed and set the frame. Jenny discovered she had a vibrant feminine side and Jason had a profound masculine, that had been pushed down and not acknowledged. He sharpened and filled her with feminine fullness.  Then one day on Facebook Jason saw an ad with a bunch of men beating each other up. Garrett J. White spoke to him, and he knew how to penetrate the world because he got in touch with his feelings. He was emoting and gained power from those emotions.
  • He realized he was full of rage about his parents, his first marriage, and the direction his second marriage was going; had all kinds of expectations of where he wanted his body to be at his spirituality to be and his business and his family to be. The Warrior’s Way and polarity changed his relationship irrevocably it was on fire they genuinely cared about each other and with each other. They have a very wild, challenging sex life beyond anyone’s imagination. Feeling each other with dark and light energy and now are creating together they are creators together. That’s the power. They are messengers of change in the business of breakthrough while maintaining their differences.

“We are messengers of change in the business of breakthrough while maintaining our differences.”

Closing Thoughts

  • This podcast is a journey about getting raw and real. Telling the fucking truth about the couples failures and successes and investing and inviting you into their home to see how they did it lay it all out; not holding anything back. They have been called to help the world get what they have got. This relationship is on fire, and he is here to ignite your relationship and make it on fire. Using the Warrior’s Way and polarity so you can live a Purpose Driven Life. Intimacy goes far beyond your sex life. Your body, connection with God and how you connect and live your abundance in the world. Come along on this journey, the profane the profound. Welcome to the shades of intimacy.


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