When You are Pressed Up Against the Glass

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason and Jennie discuss what your last moments of life will look like when pressed up against the glass. Using a process they practice at the workshops on their farm,  brings people who are open to the experience an awakening to what needs to change in their lives. The Death Practice gets you more in touch with your death so you aren’t afraid of it. It is a practice about a personal power that re-aligns what is important to you and everything that holds you back from living a full life.

Topic #1

Jennie is Funny

  • Jennie opens this episode by discussing how their mentor told her that she needs to be funnier. This comment brought the couple into explaining how laughter always comes more natural in inappropriate situations. When you laugh in church, it is hard to regain control of yourself. Saying the same statement outside of the church will get a half-hearted chuckle. The same can be said about Dark Energy. When we look into our dark energies, when you reach your limit to unleash the dark energy, you giggle.
  • The couple went for a walk and decided to talk about death one today’s podcast. Two weeks ago Jason had a men’s workshop on their farm. It was a compelling experience for the two men that participated. The process they do to find out the truth involves first a breakdown period. Breaking down the shame and guilt and unclogging their pipes.
  • At a point, they bring ladies in, who didn’t even know these two men, and the ladies assignment was to give the men a gift they thought the men needed. This exercise often ends in tears.

“When you listen to this voice for direction, it becomes very impactful. You are letting the universe move you in regards to the men.”-Jennie

Topic #2   

Shrouds and Anointing Oil

  • Jennie got with her group of women and told them to feel into the men in the workshop. They had an elaborate practice they had planned to lead the men through their deaths and to the other side. They laid the men down on the shrouds and Jason, and two other men carried each man into a room so they could change. They honored the men as warriors.
  • As the men laid flat in their shrouds, the women spoke lamentations over them. “The love I feel in you that was ungiven.” Kept speaking that over and over. They anointed the men with oils and wrapped them in the shrouds. The women sang to them about life long lived. The Death Practice can enable you to see what people would say about you after you have died. You take that information and let it change how you live your life.
  • The ladies uncovered the men’s faces and told them they had two choices. They could live or die. Death meaning: continuing to sedate and deflect. Choosing to keep with the easy as opposed to the impactful and potent. Both men chose life.

“If men are listening and are interested in getting their ass kicked and wake up. If you want to get to where you need to be; reach out.” – Jason

Topic #3

Freedom and The Close Calls

  • This Death Practice may seem odd, but they were sensitive to the voice, which told them that is what those two men needed; This is a practice of range. The voice has more use for Jennie because she has practiced it longer. What does a death practice do for men? To get more in touch with your death, so you aren’t afraid of it. Another instance is they went into the wilderness and dug graves. The idea was to sleep in them. It scared the shit out of the men. It’s a practice about personal power and to re-align what’s important to them.
  • Everyone has experienced a close call in their lives that causes them to realize what their priorities are. Fear of death paralyzes us. It’s an egoic fear, and it looms overhead. It is for men who want to fucking live more fully; being in touch with your death as a man In the most in-depth sexual yoga practices as the witness, in the active male polarity, it touches on the idea of death and is very polarizing to the feminine. It’s not creepy.
  • One of the most profound experiences Jennie had was for the men to feel past their death and stare into the eyes of their partner. There was no fear, to feel that in a man in just an eye gaze, it’s incredibly profound. That moment when you are pressed up against the glass of your very last moment, what does a person experience? Everything that holds you back it dissolves and your fee to realize what is truly important to you.
  • Die before you die. If you died tonight would you have any regrets? Would you regret not giving enough? You don’t want to die that way; you’ll be karmically fucked

“Achieve Absolute freedom and fullness, be completely open and give all of your gifts away. ”- Jason

Closing Thoughts

  • As they were thinking about talking about death, Jennie was remembering when she was 20 and was home visiting from college. The phone rang, and a friend called and told the family that her brother had been in an accident. He and his friends had decided to half climb up a rock cliff. Jennies brother ended up falling 60-80 feet into the water below. His girlfriend, a nurse, who was in a boat in the water, held him in the water until help arrived. He was life-flighted to a nearby hospital and taken to surgery. He remained in a vegetative state for a year. The family finally decided it was time to let him go. It was a Death Practice. Jennie’s brother lived an amazing life up until he had that fall.
  • So many of us walk through life in a pseudo-vegetative state and not entirely giving of ourselves. The Death Practice puts your life into perspective. You don’t want to run in fear from your death.
  • When it comes to intimacy, you know that either you or your partner may die. Every day needs to be something honored as unique; It isn’t morose, it’s sad. The point is to take moments and realize the true finite of this. Let your last moment be full of grace and peace.  


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