Sexual Healing

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason and Jennie are with Suzanne Wagner in the studio to discuss Sexual Healing. Sex can be used to creatively heal wounds which ties into learning something with your body instead of cognitively. When you go deep, you start to treat yourself, and you recognize your resentment and fear. Sex shines a light on where your triggers and holdbacks are, and that you have been habituated, into how you should feel and think about sex. When you learn to run your energy through yourself, you open up not only you but your partner. Own your dark desires, to receive the power you need to accomplish what you want to do.

Topic #1

The rise of the Chakras

  • Jason opens this episode by making the statement that today would be Suzanne’s last day on the podcast for a while she is their cohort, criminal mastermind of shades of intimacy boot camps and training. They have known her for years, but she lives in Northern California in the weird hippie place. Today they are going to talk about sexual healing and how it can be used to heal deep wounds creatively.
  • This ties into learning something with your body and is very different from learning cognitively. When you go to the deeper layers, where the deeper wounds are, it requires safety security and trust. You go there with your partner or trusted mate. What happens is that most people run their energy from their heart chakra up and are not in touch with emotions and their sexuality. But they want to be loved and give love, but they don’t have all their chakras working together. When you go deep, and you start to heal yourself, you recognize your resentment and fear; but then your chakras open and you go out into the world, and you have more charisma. Not on a sexual level but on a level of contentment and not needing anything from anyone, because you feel content inside
  • To Warriorfy this, Wake Up the Warrior uses the core 4 which is a comprehensive practice over your body, being, balance, and business. When done comprehensively you gain power. You can do what you want to do. The fifth piece of this is sexuality. We live in a sexual world, and when you get that right in all seven chakras, it fuels your purpose. Having sex and reaching that depth gives you power.
  • Sex shines a light on where your triggers and holdbacks are. How you’ve been habituated what culture has shown you, what your parents have told you as a kid, and what your peers tell you. If anything in your environment presses you up against everything that is holding you back, you will run into those during sex

“You need to take care of your sexuality.”-  Jason

Topic #2   

Video Games and a Nipple

  • When Suzanne teaches, she looks for teachers with integrity and three things. Power, sex, and money. They have to have integrity in those three She has seen every teacher and every Guru was a mistake in one of those. And those mistakes will destroy your money, business, love life, your power in the world. It still is about how you’re moving energy through sex and integrity through your body, and life force energy is Sexual Energy.
  • It’s how you run energy through yourself, through your partner and why it’s healing. If you open into more profound Sexual Healing with your partner, you will run into the blocks, that you, your parents and culture has jammed into you. Any kid can play a video game and grab a gun and Rampage through killing everyone. Not putting down video games kids think they are great but you can’t see a boob or a nipple. We shun, and we shame sexuality.
  • We need to help kids to be conscious of the power of sexuality, that it isn’t a game and it is something that has tremendous potential and impact. It creates life, and awareness, when you don’t educate about intimacy and sexuality, then they screw it up. Running around trying to get their jollies off, not recognizing that there’s so much more to it. And then they feel unfulfilled and unhappy. There are two areas. You have to take a class to drive a car, but no you go out and get married. No one teaches you to have sex. Porn can show you the mechanics but won’t teach you heart-centered connection.
  • It’s a good point. No one teaches kids at Young ages the power of sex. If you’re not looking into your partner’s eyes, staying connected through orgasm, there is something more to it. If any area of your life is sick if your body is sick, your balance is off, and your being,  your spirituality needs to be fed, your business is losing money, you consider it. Sexually burnt down to the ground, and you do nothing to heal; you are in trouble.
  • It’s the Manifestation that when your sex life is ill, it all translates to the other areas. If you start to go into the deep areas and heal sexually, all the other areas will begin gaining fuel, fire, and traction. Boredom is a suppressed life and is an indicator of repressed rage.

“We are all kind of numbed out on social media; We are repetitive and redundant. You are suppressing your life force and suppressing your Sexual Energy.” – Suzanne

Topic #3

You Have My Permission

  • So how do you suddenly permit yourself to be a sexual being? The four stages of sexual maturity that we discuss is that in the first stage you are a selfish sexual being and you’re going to wreak havoc on yourself and those around you. The second stage you learn to masturbate and take care of your own needs. In the third stage, you ask your partner for a handjob. And in the fourth stage, you turn it, and it becomes a gift to someone, and you become intensely sexual.
  • We’ve shamed the feminine energy in both sexes; we have suppressed it. If you can press Sexual Energy, you can control someone else. By containing it by containing them. Buy tamping down on Sexual Energy and bringing shame to it, it keeps people week. When you engage sexually, you gain power, and you energize your body.
  • In Warrior week there is the Primal side,  the lizard brain which is to fight, flight, or freeze. The mammal brain where we tribe up. And the eye consciousness awareness where we see ourselves as separate. There’s a lot of speculation that animals see themselves as a pack not as an individual. We don’t tap into our Primal self. Own your dark desires period when Lions have sex it is violent. Sex in the animal kingdom is not lovely. That part of it is in you. When you deny it, you can keep up your energy flows, and that shit will come out sideways probably while you’re masturbating in the basement while the door is locked and your wife is banging on the door wanting you to help with the kids. Or it can even be worse that is a mild version of it.
  • If you see repetitive behavior in your life, you begin to go back to what’s the dates and Sue’s you. You have entirely blocked Sexual Energy. When you turn that source back on you start to feel your body, you need that energy to accomplish what you need to do. To be affected, to your highest power, we have to engage all three areas of spiritual high sides; the tribal side, the mammal side, and the lizard side.

“People cringe around the term Sexual Healing. We aren’t saying anyone is broken; there is nothing wrong with you. At any moment and at any moment, someone can use sexual healing and then that problem will resolve itself. Sometimes it’s just about dropping in and getting some Sexual Healing to connect with your partner and feel open, and you’re good.”- Jennie

Closing Thoughts

  • Men always feel like they have to initiate sex. Women, men want to feel desired and needed as well. Look at your partner and identify what they aren’t getting and give it to them. That’s Sexual Healing. Even if you don’t want it, you need to feel into it in depth and breadth and give it to them. It will open their heart.
  • Men can run Life Energy and Sexual Energy at the same time and women cannot. It’s one or the other, so they need to be opened up by the man, by spending the time to help them transition. Every woman has a sequence and a way about them. Learn her sequence men. Figure out her pattern it will change your life.
  • Women give all day long, but they picked you, to be the one they love. There is something great to honoring your queen that way.
  • Jason and Jennie encourage you to listen to all the previous podcast and content. 
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