The Man-Gasm

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason is back in the studio and joined by Suzanne Wagner. The pair follows up the conversations about the female orgasms, with one directed at the men. There are techniques to lasting longer and staying present with your woman. No shame in being a 2 pump chump, but if you want to get your woman to achieve all of the pleasure she can, you will need to practice control. Access the doorway through sex, to get the connection you desire. And practice, practice, practice.

Topic #1

Taking Your Date to Meet Your Psychic

  • Jason is with Suzanne Wagner in the studio. When Jason met Suzanne he wanted her to give him a reading. She really gifts people with a positive vibe. He would see her about once a year. She helped him keep his shit together during his first marriage and the trauma that followed. They ended up working together, and she directed Jason towards David Deida.
  • She has all the energies and access to the psychic realms, whether you believe it or not. Jason dated a girl for about a year and he wouldnt take her to meet Suzanne because he was afraid of what she would say. When he met Jennie he took her to meet Suzanne right away. It took a 4-hour walk afterward to sort out what had happened.
  • Jason decided the 3 of them should do a conference together for couples. They put on a 2-day relationship intensive. The trust Suzanne gave him to run that, even though she had so much experience. She only gives people information a level above where they are. Which is a gift. She is very intuitively connected to where you are at.

“I don’t like to give people too much information about themselves too soon. It can overwhelm them and set them up for failure. ”- Suzanne

Topic #2   

Procreation or Recreation

  • Jennie and Suzanne were talking about the Female Orgasm and the types they have. Suzanne turned to Jason and asked him to tell them about male orgasms. So today’s discussion is about the Male-Gasm.
  • There are 4 parts of the male orgasm. 1. Lasting Longer 2. More Sex 3. How do I pleasure her 4. Discovery. There is a connection that can be made during sex which is transformation. The first thing which is lasting longer, most men want to be able to go the distance with a goddess. First, they need to own that inside of them is a God. When a man strives for that he becomes that. If you were a God and creating a universe, what kind of control and creative interest would you have? What kind of confidence?
  • Genetically we have sex to procreate. If you come fast, you are a procreator vs a man who takes an hour to come, who is not. So if you do the 2 pump dump you have a better chance of creating a life. The quicker you come the more evolutionary you are.
  • The number one thing about lasting longer is relaxation. Suzanne had a boyfriend who was a 2 pump chump. He could come every 5 minutes. Around the 5th time, he could contain it a bit longer. They broke up and he met a French girl who made him get his nipples pierced. In France, if the man comes too soon, the woman pulls on the nipple rings, causing discomfort, which distracts him and prolongs the encounter.
  • Men try to distract themselves. The key is relaxation. Most male orgasms are like a clitoral orgasm for a woman. Men learn to extend the encounter by relaxing, deep breathing, and eye gazing at their women. You can also grab the base of the penis or press on the area between the penis and the scrotum, the perineum. Use 3 fingers and apply pressure on the tube that carries the sperm.
  • When men first start to learn to last longer, they can have internal locking orgasms, where they don’t ejaculate. Some women are trained to feel that she needs the man to come, so he is satisfied. Others see it as a challenge and learn some instant triggers that make men come on the spot. Men need to take deep breaths, open the chest, and stay present. Men want connection and sex is their doorway. Some men have no idea sex can be like this. If you feel past your own cock, your own sensation you feel into her and her movement. It will pull you out of your own sensation. If you breathe all the way out it can also detain your body from coming. Jason has a 30- day online course in this.

“Confidence is everything. If she jumps on you and you come in your pants, that’s a confidence killer.”-Jason

Topic #3

Keep on Breathing

  • The Navy Seals, teach that breathing is the number one way to deal with fear. If you breathe in a certain pattern for 2 minutes your body thinks everything is okay. The same with sex. Breathe, stay present and let your sensation move through your body. Feeling intuitively into your woman. Every woman knows the secret to her man’s orgasm. You can practice with your man by taking him to his point and bring him back, over and over.
  • Jason suggests trying it with masturbation first, sometimes doing it with a woman is hard to do. Men have very strong pelvic muscles that can be felt when a woman gives a man a blow job. The more times you practice the more you work those muscles. When your peeing stop the stream. That’s what you are working. If you can do that, you build that muscle up.
  • You think as a man you are doing this all for you to last longer. But it’s the feeling of her heart, and you being able to last. That makes you trustworthy, that opens her G-spot, her cervix and her anus. The 2 pump dump guy doesn’t get his woman to these orgasms. Some women like having all the control, but it weakens the man. Now he is just dumping all of his life force energy into her and falling asleep. When a man learns to do an internal locking orgasm, he stays rock hard and stays present.
  • A man is wired to come right away by looking at porn, so they need to rewire their brain by maintaining eye contact of 3 minutes after sex. The sex doesn’t have to last long, but your eye contact needs too.

“There is a heart and a breath to it, but it doesn’t work until you honor your queen.”-Jason

Closing Thoughts

  • Being a man is about having skill and integrity. You can’t use this technique to get a woman in bed and dump her the next day. It can damage a woman. This information is sacred, because of the damage it can cause. In the tantric society you can’t even have this conversation until you have meditated on it for 10 – 20 years; If you had learned to maintain your center as a man. If you can’t do that, how can you maintain the center of a woman who is a concentrated microcosm of a storm, of life force energy. That’s why you learned this at a later age in life.
  • Try to teach integrity, honor, and respect and work with your mate in the most conscious way. It is so beautiful when the masculine is able to relax in that presence. It will cause the feminine to open and surrender. When you walk through as a confident man with integrity, a woman feels safe in that. Men all you need is integrity and simple tools to last longer and then practice, practice, practice.
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