Deep Throat

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jennie and Suzanne Wagner continue through the female orgasm by discussing the Blow Job. Driving a man out of his masculine and into his receptive feminine is a high form of pleasure for him. Done correctly and with practice, a woman can achieve not only an orgasm for him but one down to her vagina as well. Stop choking, and relax and give into it. Your man will enjoy the practice it takes and will enjoy the energetic shift that happens, deepthroating his life force.

Topic #1

The Nature of the B.J.

  • Jennie is joined again by Suzanne Wagner, as the ladies continue their walk with the listeners through the female orgasm. They have, over the past 3 episodes, discussed the Clitoral, Cervical, G-Spot, Anal and Atomic Orgasm. Today they are taking the listener into the Throat-gasm.
  • The nature of Blow Jobs, one of the few places a man totally surrenders. A man never turns one down, and in the past it could have some negative connotations for a woman to have to perform. It drives a man out of his masculine into his receptive feminine and then getting his life force energy to come right back again.
  • There is something about it for a man, to have a woman at his feet, looking down at her as she serves him. Taking care of him, giving him pleasure. Energetically, a shift of roles occurs going back and forth from the masculine energy to the feminine energy. Even if a man’s cock goes soft during a blow job, it is still very pleasurable in the mouth. All of the same nerve endings are still there and the tip of his penis is still very sensitive. The man being done by a woman in that way, is still very pleasurable.

“Men don’t grab your woman’s head and use it to thrust on your cock. She is no longer doing you then, you are doing her head. ”- Suzanne


Topic #2   

The Whole Enchilada

  • Most men of reasonable size can and want their whole cock in the woman’s mouth. Women need to think of the uvula in their throat, as the opening of their cervix. So when the cock goes past that point it will activate your gag reflex and cause you to cough. But there’s something about getting to that point and the curve in your throat that gives the man great pleasure. It will cause the woman to also have a throat-gasm to take the whole cock down into her throat.
  • If she can get past the feeling of the choking and relax and open herself, that sensation will travel down to her yoni. Her gagging will cause her throat to close around the cock also and give him further pleasure. A deep throated gasm takes patience and relaxation; it needs to go slow. Practice having the man press slowly into the back of the throat. Setting up practicing deep-throating with your man is something he will always be open too.  
  • Remember that going to new places in a woman’s throat  can bring out deep feelings from her. The man should stay present and not take it as a personal attack. You are opening an area she has not had opened before.

“This takes a lot of control on the man’s part. Resist the urge to grab her head and forcefully shove your cock in her mouth.”-Jennie

Topic #3

Your Body’s a Wonderland

  • Suzanne shares that to build the sexual energy, her husband will be having vaginal sex with her and she will put a toy in her mouth. This technique will block the energy that is coming up so that when they orgasm, it will blow their heads off. Jennie shares that your pussy and your ass are very much connected by design. With sexual energy we create a division, it’s either above or below the waist. All of these things are energetically connected. Your entire body is a sexual essence.
  • When a man fucks your breasts, it will garner a different feeling and energy. Your body has all these different flavors of sexual energy. When a man goes soft, as it commonly can happen, don’t stop. Just find different ways to love on each other.
  • The porn industry is the master of dark energy. They know all the areas that scare a woman and they give it and go there. That is how men get addicted to porn. Because they are used to a certain frequency of love and light, but they need a different intensity or drama.

“What we see as a society through movies and pornography, has conditioned us to think it looks a certain way. It’s not that way.”-Jennie

Topic #4

To Swallow or Not to Swallow

  • Women talk about if you should swallow or not. The healthier a man is the better his sperm tastes. If you want to be a tantric man then you need to eat well, drink water and sweat the toxins out. Don’t get upset at your woman if she won’t swallow. It doesn’t mean she doesnt want to receive you, it is probably the taste of your sperm.
  • Ladies you need to honor a man’s masculine sexual sperm. It is a life giving force. Shift your mindset from that it is disgusting, to how much light you can receive from him.
  • Sex can be looked at as a primal urge. But when you consider the energetics of it, you can’t help but see it as something sacred. You are combining two bodies. It’s not just 2 animals rubbing one off on each other

“Sex is the highest form of meditation and way of connecting to the universe”-Jennie

Closing Thoughts

  • We live in a narcissistic, self indulgent society. We can use sexuality to step beyond ourselves and others to become the “we” and then the “oneness.” This concludes Jennie and Suzanne’s series on all of the different types of orgasms.


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