The Cervical Orgasm

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jennie and Suzanne Wagner, continue their conversation about the roadmap to the female orgasm. Today’s journey takes the listeners into the Cervical Orgasm. The more orgasms a woman has will soften her spirit and lessen her bitchiness. Time to get intimate and tune into you and your partner’s sexual energy.

Topic #1

Continuing up the Yoni

  • Jennie opens this episode by continuing her conversations with Suzanne Wagner, regarding the female orgasms. In the last episode, they talked about the clitoral orgasm and the G-spot. A sexual ritual was described in great detail, of ways that a man can assist his woman in releasing her emotions and feelings, that are being held inside of her body. By doing this as a couple, maintaining presence, it can lead to deeper, more satisfying sexual experiences for both partners.
  • There is an area just past the G-spot, the corduroy feeling area before you reach the cervix. It’s a “ledge” like area that holds a lot of past life trauma. It will be intense. Massaging it, gently, keeping eye contact and working with your woman; it can be not so pleasurable at first for her.
  • Men when you are dealing with a womans orgasm, pay close attention to the sounds of her and her breathing pattern. The clitoral orgasm will be fast at first, then they deepen and slow with a G-spot orgasm and even deeper and higher vocally with the cervical orgasm.
  • A woman can become very sensitive following an orgasm, and her whole body can literally become one big orgasm. The cervix is shaped like a donut; Every womans is different . The Cervical orgasm, the tissue is irregular and full of folds. As she orgasms it opens like a flower. It moves similar to a man’s scrotum.

“A man’s energy feeds the woman and her orgasm”- Suzanne

Topic #2   

To Squirt or Not to Squirt

  • A woman holds so much stress and feelings within her body. The first time a man is doing a sexual ritual with her, it can bring feelings of shame for her. Not deserving of the feelings of pleasure for her, can be very real. Men need to stay very present with her during this time. It’s a doorway for her that will open up on so many levels.
  • Ladies do you think you only deserve a clitoral orgasm? No. The G-spot is the source of ejaculation; you are not losing your life force energy by squirting. Give yourself the permission to allow it and to feel it. It is up to the individual to ask themselves, was it depleting or was it energizing. Be honest and you will learn your own road map.
  • If you can’t female ejaculate, there is nothing wrong with you. If you are dealing with a woman who has had abuse, you need to be patient and work as she releases her trauma. Cervical orgasm can affect everyone differently. It can cause such a deep state of relaxation. As your capacity and healing expands, your capacity to have multiple orgasms expands.
  • Most women who haven’t worked with their cervix, it can be a painful, scary, foreign time. The first time, men may want to use their cock to just rest against the cervix. Then your fingers and then maybe a wand.

“Have your man watch; show and guide him through your body. Knowing and figuring out how your body reacts to different stimulation.” – Jennie

Topic #3

Creativity Counts

  • Men need to be creative and patient to be able to navigate a woman and to be a great lover. Don’t assume every woman is the same. Because it worked with one woman, doesn’t mean it will work on another. Use a wand, and toys. Don’t be intimidated. Some work and some don’t but you need to practice and experiment.
  • The cervix is so tender, it just takes time to figure it out. Most times, less is more in this situation. On the the man’s cock there is a lip and it is designed to fit just over the lip of the cervix and curl around it. Be forewarned; there is a lot of emotion there for a woman. Rage, resentment, can be stored there. Men need to be patient and strong enough to know it’s not about them and they are just going to witness the storm their woman is going through at that moment.
  • A woman respects a man who is with her through these emotions, that are opening up through them sexually. Men are developing a skill , that opens this up in their woman. Have a willingness, presence, stay open and have a fucking sense of humor through this process. Feelings of shame, abandonment, and betrayal are stored in the yoni. This can also be released  with the male going through the experience with their woman.

“Most women will stop after a man orgasms. Men need to enjoy watching a woman orgasm and be pleasured just as much, watching them enjoy it.”- Jennie

Closing Thoughts

  • There are techniques a man can learn to keep his cock hard and maintain their erection. They energize their own organs and not disperse it. Understand that place of pleasure for a woman, and know that the more orgasms she has, the softer, more relaxed and less bitchy she will become.
  • Some women may resist, because it makes them feel so vulnerable. Some need a lot of touching  and need to percolate. Cultivating a sense of trust is about going slow and maintaining presence.
  • Sexual energy is rife with peril. You bump up against everything. Her family, culture, parents and religious programming. It is an environmental  and genetic thing that is you. The only thing will bump you up against all of that at once, is sexual energy.
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