The Big “O”

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jennie is joined in the studio by renowned psychic, Suzanne Wagner. The ladies discuss the female orgasm, in great detail, and how to enjoy and manipulate the 5 different types. Couples learn how to share in a Sacred Sexual Practice that will enable the woman to release her pent-up emotion, and empower the man to be her sexual healer.

Topic #1

How Many Gasm’s Are There?

  • Jennie opens this episode by introducing to the listeners, Suzanne Wagner. She has worked together with Jennie and Jason in their Shades of Intimacy workshops. Today the ladies will be talking about the female orgasm.
  • People don’t know what is available to them, the types of orgasms and how to get there. There is the Clitoral Orgasm, the G-Spot, the Cervical Orgasm, the Ass or Anal-Gasm and the Throat-Gasm. Suzanne says she is always amazed at how her own are never the same. It is an emotional release, and all have a different role, and all are pleasurable, but not necessarily big.
  • Women are not trained, growing up, in ways to manipulate their orgasms. They usually base theirs on a man’s orgasm. The man is one-directional, so women think they need to have the same, which is usually clitoral. Men can train themselves to hold their release back. Women don’t realize they can hold and build them up into something bigger and better.
  • A lot of women are afraid of the vulnerability, that deeper emotion that comes with the bigger orgasm. Men love that they have elicited that response from them. It makes feel strong and masculine. It’s a messier, scarier place for the woman. She is afraid of the energy build up and will want it to stop. Men need to stay with their women at that point, slow down, keep eye contact and let the woman know they aren’t alone. They need to trust there will be a big release and their energies will come together and move through in a very different way.

“There is tremendous value in the Clitoral Orgasm; big stress relief. But it can be a difficult thing to move through your body. The other orgasms are very difficult to control and can be scary. ”- Jennie

Topic #2   

The Mystery of the Vag

  • Some women are afraid of penetration. Men can see their sexual organs and women cannot. So suddenly he is putting his, that he can see, into hers, that she cannot. It can be terrifying.
  • A woman’s vagina will adapt to the size of a man’s penis, it conforms to fit that connection. Knowing how to have deeper orgasms is important. The very top of the vagina is known as the heart. It is said that it is important for a man to be able to penetrate a woman deep enough to the heart of her vagina so that the woman can feel the heart of a man.
  • There is a sacred, safe ritual, to learn how to go deeper. The man enters a room and creates a safe, sacred, sexual space for them to be in. Flowers, candles, incense, music. The woman enters and they create a ritual between them. Setting up an environment, where she tells him she would like him to take his hand and work her G-spot. To explore and work out the knots in the tight places of her Vagina and loosen those spaces up.
  • Remaining very present and connected and reminding the man, that he shouldn’t be thinking about penetration. He is there to serve as a healer and to unravel the emotion that is hidden. Men need to go extremely slow while doing this. It is not about friction, but about depth. Using coconut oil as a lube, he will insert his finger, find the G-spot and begin to work it. Listening to her as she guides him through it. This isn’t a sexy practice. This is the man helping his woman to open her body. Be committed to sticking with it.

“He is not there to get anything out of this. This is for her to unwind. If done correctly, she will fuck his brains out later.”-Suzanne

Topic #3

The Energy Encoding

  • Everyone feels differently. Some cry, some get angry, some just go numb. It is important to stay connected through eye contact, and matching breathing; Staying present in the moment. Lack of focus is the nemesis in our society. We are constantly looking at our phones and not each other.
  • The more of this healing on the woman’s yoni, or vulva, the softer the tissue will become and the wetter she will get. Vaginal dryness is an emotional response. You need the healing to unwind.
  • When a woman physically takes another person into her body, it’s not just physiology. She is taking in another person emotions, their damage, taking in that person wholly; A lot is going on in the yoni. Some studies say that all the people you have had sex, with you have encoded their energy onto you. If the body can’t get rid of toxins through the liver, it will get rid of them through the mucous membranes.
  • Men get a testosterone release from sex. They need to be careful how they are releasing that energy. If he is angry and needs a release and that release is sex, he turns his partner into a dumping ground. A receptacle. Women need to let their men know when that happens so they can recognize the behavior.
  • It is difficult for a man to connect his heart to his penis. Women need to help their men by staying connected and talking to him.

“Women are all about connection and  don’t need to have an orgasm to be fulfilled, this can be difficult for a man to understand.”-Suzanne

Closing Thoughts

  • In closing the sexual ceremony, they need to share the positive of what they experienced. Give each other positive feedback. Couples are so accustomed to verbal processing. Let your body digest, energetically, what just happened. Share from an authentic place, not a chatty place. You will diffuse the energy, kill the moment.
  • Just let it move through its course. It’s going to break through the habit, instead of continuing to engage it and going through this loop.


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