In All Certainty

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, the couple discusses how certainty brings a heightened level of desire to your intimacy, not just in the bedroom, but in your relationship as well. Actions that are delivered through avoidance and deflection cause energies to collide and lack of certainty is a turn-off.

Topic #1

When Grown Men Play D and D

  • Jennie opens this episode by discussing a recent ad that Jason has been running on Facebook for an upcoming Modern Day Warrior, he has planned. The ad itself has been well received with the exception of some attention it has been getting from a group of Men-boys. This group of guys are involved in the role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons. What has fucked Jennie up about it is the comments are very deflective and avoiding the issue at hand. Just insulting, and it has pissed her off.
  • It really threw Jason off as well. If they were to just direct the insults at a particular. He suspects from their behavior they are just a bunch of boys, inhabiting big boy bodies to trash talk. Jason has planned this event, which is designed to save men from deep, sometime suicidal thoughts. He is trying to be a beacon to these men.
  • The couple are accustomed to getting some criticism, they aren’t whining; but are upset about these specific comments. This group immediately launched into a mockery about money and about the event being just for gay men. They were flacid and not genuine. It was utter avoidance and deflection.
  • Jennie adds the advertisement had an energy behind it that was very clear, certain and direct. As a feminine energy, it came from a place that was incredibly safe and sexy. The comments that were left by the group of men/boys make her feel, she would have to downgrade her feminine energy, to make it small enough to fill into that masculine container. They were just a weak coudre of role players, displaying such weakness, it triggered something in them causing them to deflect with weak humor.

“In the world, we become wishy-washy, and dull down. When we do penetrate with certainty, it makes people uncomfortable.   ”- Jennie

Topic #2   

The Scarecrow Presence

  • Masculine energy shows up in depth and presence. The embodied actions of displaying the masculine makes a difference. We all have fears. As a woman knows her man has fears, but the masculine energy does not have fear; the body it works through does. The men who left those comments, they see what could be very good men, but they are squeaking this shit through their fears.
  • In the feminine, it hurts. Jennie felt the hurt throughout her body. The shallowness they were showing hurt the feminine energy. The feminine likes to feel she can press up into the masculine and it doesn’t break, does not collapse.  
  • Jason recalls a coach he had that called him the Scarecrow. At first, he was offended by it, but the coach explained that Jason had an energy that was very loose, that has allowed him to survive. One day Jason stumbled over something coming down his stairs. He began to fall forward, stumbling over something else but was able to recover his balance before falling. It was because of the looseness of the Scarecrow. The Scarecrow is a precise presence in a different form. It doesn’t show itself in every aspect.

“Masculine energy shows up in depth and presence. The embodied actions of displaying the masculine, makes a difference. ”-Jason

Topic #3

The Size of Your Certainty Matters

  • Jason explains he could reach out and gently touch Jennie in 4 different places, looking for some reaction of it being the right spot. Or he could just quickly and decisively touch her once with certainty. Jennie says the feminine can feel the hesitation from her man. The feminine just wants the masculine  to jump in and do things with certainty. That’s what penetration is. A relaxation happens when certainty is present.
  • Men just need to take a breath and make a decision and just touch her with certainty. If it is wrong, just smile and move on, but keep trying. Humor in sex is key. If it’s bad you move on in humor. Certainty is not overriding someone’s boundaries. In a mutually consensual environment, the feminine responds to the certainty.
  • Playing the masculine pole in intimacy you need to just start at the feet; don’t ask, just start and watch the response. Keep moving around the body. When you get a professional massage, the person giving you the massage doesn’t keep asking where you want them to rub next. They start with certainty and listen to you respond in pleasure and in pain, and then go from there. When you are sensitive to your partner, you can tell right away how they respond.

“If the feminine isn’t practicing, isn’t responding to the masculine energy, they have no direction. Make some noise ladies; Give feedback.”- Jason

Closing Thoughts

  • The men who responded in those comments on Facebook responded with uncertainty. They were not being direct in their comments. They are the exact men who need the Modern Day Warrior. They are weak, spineless men. It was not free, independent thinking.
  • That’s how you show, when you show up this way with your spouse, your kids and at your job. Being triggered is awesome. How you respond is your choice. Think for yourself, and you run the trigger, don’t let the trigger run you. That is the gap between free will and response. If the feminine feels she can press into the masculine and can push him over, she will either push him over or play small.
  • Most men are unaware, but when given the opportunity to rise they will . When they see their queen rise and not cower it is inspirational. And if she knocks you over, get up with humor and keep moving.
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