Warrior Women

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jennie shares that she is signed up and ready to get her Warrior on. The couple is excited to see where her experience will take them as a couple, in life and their business. The question lingers though, will it wreak havoc on the polarity of their relationship if both are wearing a black polo. Tune in.

Topic #1

A Girl and a Black Polo

  • Jason begins this episode by talking about the big investment that Jennie has recently made in herself. She has signed up for the first ever,”Warrior Week for Women” and “Warrior Wealth for Women.” This is something totally different than the other conferences she has been to, but she is ready. Jason shares how he hopes they make her do P.T.’s every morning like they did to the men. He just wants her to go through it all, like he did. He is even hoping they give all the women black polo’s with the Warrior Crest.  Jennie thinks that is stupid to want to make a room full of women look like a bunch of dudes.
  • The couple recalls a mentor they had who made all of the men dress in all black and stand up straight, with their chins tucked in. No fidgeting. And the women he would have dress all flowery and flowy and tell them to be graceful and move. Jennie shares how she is good at looking flowy. But she is able to sit still for hours Jason talks about how they assisted at a workshop and the both of them were told to just sit still and hold space for hours in the back. After an hour Jason was dying, but Jennie was in a complete state of stillness. He shares that she sleeps like that also. Knocks out in 15 seconds and never moves.

“I like to be in a complete state of stillness. It is somehow blissful to me”- Jennie

Topic #2   

The Informant and the Skeptic

  • Jason states how it has been a year since he took part in “Warrior Week.” He admits that Jennie was kind of dragged into it at first by him. She was skeptical but as time went on and she witnessed the effect it had on Jason, she caught a fire for it. Jason shares how Jennie does her Core 4 and her 90-day challenges. He wanted to pose a question to the other Warrior Wives who are listening. The first question is: What about watching you’re significant other go through Warrior, got you in it? Also: How will Warrior Women affect the polarity of your relationship?
  • Jennie explains that they as a couple has a way of doing things, so the effects it had were unique to them. Jason always is good about going out and gathering information. Jennie looked at Warrior at first, as just that; more information. Jason researches the shit out of things, but what is the outcome. She was worried it was just another “Jerk Off” moment for him. Warrior became not just information, but he had to do it. There was accountability. And Jennie witnessed the results through Jason. She saw the consistency that had been lacking previously.
  • In the past, Jennie was more consistent day today. Once Jason started getting further in, he was able to help her with the areas she hadn’t been very consistent with. She did struggle with wondering if this new structure would stick. Was he just jerking off? Was it just a false lift?

“I wonder what it will look like once she gets into Warrior Women. When we both are in the masculine it can create a friction, but I’m not afraid of that.”-Jason

Topic #3

Popcorn Topic

  • Jennie wanted to add another element to this podcast called, “Popcorn Topics.” Todays is: Who would you fuck and why? She poses the question to Jason and asks if he would fuck President Donald Trump and why? She means it in regards to the energy he puts off. Jason answers by saying he is rich, a billionaire, president; Jason would probably take him to lunch. Jennie says that she would not based on his ego, or on his physical presence. Also not based on his mind or his heart. The intriguing thing to her is his life force energy, he can make a shit ton of money and run corporations, that energy is unique. That is the part that is intriguing to her and the part she would fuck.
  • Jason would fuck his boldness in the way he says things. He lets it fly. When others are so cautious, he doesn’t give a shit. Jason isn’t condoning, but he enjoys the idea of being unfettered. He would love to have that, not to be cut loose like a dick, but just to be him. Jennies shares that sometimes we put on the brakes because we are afraid of offending. To be able to not hold back and just have a real conversation after, would be amazing.

“There is a difference between communicating to collapse someone and communicating with intent to start a conversation. ”-Jennie


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