Maid, Mother and Crone

In This Week’s Podcast…Maid, Mother and Crone

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, releasing his mother’s ashes and Jennie’s 3-day Women’s workshop, not only helped Jason move through circumstances in his life that froze him, but ones that kept his mother frozen throughout her life as well.

Topic #1

Ashes, Fire and a Full Moon

  • Following years of his mother’s ashes sitting on the mantle, Jason decides to scatter them on the property she lived and thrived on, while reserving some to burn. During Jennies 3-day workshop,”Maid, Mother and Crone,” that she held at the property, Jason found that a fire he had built for the ladies was the perfect time to burn the rest of her ashes. Noticing a full moon and an older women walking in the distance with the same gait as his mother, Jason could feel the presence of her in that moment.
  • With his mother experiencing most of her life in her masculine energy, she was a tough lady brought around by the circumstances she dealt with throughout her life. She was always fighting, so honoring her that weekend in the presence of those 19 other women was perfect. They gathered to dive into their pain with Jennie, and helped release the pain from Jason’s mother’s memory as well.  
“The pain that women carry; their story is one of shame and/or abandonment and/or betrayal.”- Jennie

Topic #2

Are you Freezing?   

  • When the circumstances in life that are devastating or a shock to the system it causes the body to freeze, to stop moving, basically freezing the person in time. The body remembers this, trapping shit that has happened in your body. Disappointments, hurts, etc.;these pieces are frozen in your body until you begin to move them out.
  • Jennie shares how no man or women is alone in this plight. It take such a small thing to freeze something in someone, especially at a young age.It’s all about embodiment. The maiden, or the youthful version of a woman, is young and wild, vivacious to the point of not feeling safe. So women feeling this will dial down the maiden within themselves. Jennie helps them to reclaim that part and move it through their body. Dropping the lies and all the bullshit; layers of shit frozen inside. It’s the dents and kinks in the hose of who you are. The first step is becoming aware and seeing it, starting to see the pain and then continuing to move through it.
“ You have to shake loose the stories that freeze you; but sometimes they are what help you to survive. But then you have to turn the dial from surviving to thriving requiring the death of the surviving part that was keeping you alive. ”-Jason

Topic #3

The Embodiment Experience

  • Embodiment is the act of loosening the skin around your stories, It gives you more space to see the possibilities and choose something different. Even if you can’t release it, you need to move it through your body so you can work within it.
  • The couple has people who come to them knowing something is not right, that something more is possible. In relationships, something more is possible. It appears like a dream, or a mist, an inner, vague voice. The forces of the world say shut it down and get back to work. Jason always knew he had more to offer, a gift to be given. He kept pushing forward and pursued his dream in a practical way.
“It’s an ever evolving process that takes commitment, dedication, and discipline. To go from a workshop and then to continue with that work, takes a lot of discipline.” – Jennie

Closing Thoughts

  • Jason shares his favorite part of when Jennie concludes one of her workshops.  She returns home with a beautiful, raw, vulnerable strength. Reconnecting with her authentic part, open and soft that is deeper and more powerful. The lineage of the family is present in their work . From maiden to mother to crone. From son, to father, to grandfather.
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