Keep on Digging

In This Week’s Podcast…Keep on Digging

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason and Jennie discuss how a trip to California for a Women’s Conference was a catalyst for Jennie to realize where her power and calling for the future was. The big question is though, did Jason ever find the cat?

Topic #1

A Missing Cat and a Defunct GPS

  • While Jennie is away on a trip to California, her cat who is notoriously useless escapes from the house. Jason is panicked and involves friends and neighbors in the hunt, even sludging through a nearby drainage ditch for the MIA kitty. Meanwhile, Jennie has been led on a scenic journey by her dysfunctional GPS through hill and stream to a Women’s Conference.
  • Feeling called to learn more and dig deeper, she attended the conference even though it was completely out of her comfort zone. Jason was proud but also nervous for her, and then GPS takes her off the map.
“I just kept following the GPS, because I knew I was supposed too. I knew one day we would share what we were learning with the world.”

Topic #2   

The Feminine Side

  • Jason asked Jennie the question,”What was the driving force for her to go on the trip to California?” She answered when they attended the couples retreat, and the men and women were separated, she felt very vulnerable. She wasn’t sure why she was feeling the aversion being around just the women. She then realized she had completely suppressed her feminine. She locked up and froze. When the women’s conference came up she knew she needed to go, she didn’t even think about it.
  • Getting lost on the way to the conference through the wilderness with her GPS was symbolic of the journey she was taking at the conference. She didn’t turn back, she kept pushing forward and in turn, everything changed.
“The truth is you really have to fucking start to dig into those places in yourself that are stuck and frozen and your avoiding. You can’t gloss that shit over and then think you’re going to have this amazing relationship with another human being. You have to dig. ”

Topic #3

Engaging the Power Source

  • Jennie came back and just cried because it had cracked something open for her, stripping away the layers; she was utterly exposed. Now she exposes the fuck-it’s, the I don’t wanna and the I’ll do it laters at her own conferences.
  • At first, Jason loved Jennie going to the women’s conferences, but then he had an ego battle because he felt left out. He was jealous of her spending so much time with the women. It bothered him because it was something he couldn’t give her. He wanted to be her everything. Once he started working with other men, she experienced the same thing. But they both realized that there is something very critical about men spending time with men and women spending time with other women.
”There is an aliveness that happens for women when they are around other women and being authentic and vulnerable with each other.”

Closing Thoughts

  • Jennie realized that working with women is the power source and became a non-negotiable for her to share with other women. We need each other or we dry up and fly away. She realized she was only living ½ her life until she engaged in that power with other women.
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