Pass the Roles Please..

In This Week’s Podcast…Pass the Roles Please.

In this episode, Jason and Jennie dig deep into the masculine and feminine roles which plague women of today. Trying to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan can cause uncertainty and seclusion for a partner who justs want dinner and to hug her dog. Trying to be everything without balance can cause friction in the family unit.

Topic #1

When Enough is Too Much

  • Jason opens this episode sharing with the listeners, how a year into their relationship, Jenny was close to done. His wife had passed away and he was raising 3 kids alone. Enter Jennie; Successful businesswomen, homeowner, independent and driven and recipient of a new instant family. Becoming overwhelmed was inevitable.
  • Jennie found herself in a new relationship with a completely different energy than she had been living. A high pressure, masculine job coupled with a long commute, made it difficult to switch gears immediately when coming home to a husband and 3 children wanting for her attention; her feminine energy. Isolating herself in her room became her usual as a result of her inability to not engage with the family.
“Life was going on in the living room, and I was too fucking overwhelmed to be a part of it.”-Jennie

Topic #2   

The Superhero Complexity

  • Jennie talks about how when relationships are new, they bring back the flavor of our taste buds and the color back to our lives. We get super excited about life and feel we can do literally anything, causing us to develop a Superhero complex. Jason adds that she was still trying to live the masculine role she was used to living when she was single. He was able to bring out her feminine side in the beginning. 6 months later it wore off and she fell back into her masculine routine. This caused her be rigid and detached from the family as she was no longer engaging her feminine side.
  • The couple explains the meaning behind masculine and feminine in their terms. Masculine energy is much more structured. Feminine energy is much more flow. When Jennie lost the feminine side of herself, it’s as if she lost half of herself. This compares to losing half of your normal capacity but still accomplishing 100 percent of everything. This causes the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • Jason shares how Jennie would get home and immediately want to hug the dog but not engage with the kids or himself. Jennie explains that communing with a dog is easy and people are complex; sometimes you just don’t want to deal with the complexity.
“We rode the wave of a new relationship, then a year later she went back to her single, structured life causing her to be overwhelmed.”-Jason

Topic #3


  • Jennie explains that her pain point was she didn’t have the tools to switch out of the masculine into the feminine. She felt she was needing a moment getting home and re-acclimate, but found she was isolating herself instead. Jason talks about how many men do the driveway sit, where they stay in their cars for a few minutes before entering the house. It gives them time they need to switch gears.
  • Jason explains how everyone deals with transitions. It’s important to learn the tools of transition so you can engage with your family and your feminine side. Jennie was all structure and no fire. It was easier for her to be focused on the job, but it was challenging and terrifying to engage with real life. Women are on the rise, but they are drying out, turning brittle, becoming rigid and some of them don’t give a shit.
“Teaching men to engage with their families and not self-sedate on the couch with a beer, is now applying to women as well”- Jason

Closing Thoughts

Jennie shares how women aren’t aware they are overwhelmed until life explodes in their face. Don’t choose one or the other, the masculine or the feminine, adding most powerful people are those who are achieving both. Jason tells the listeners not to vilify the masculine, but instead exalt the feminine. Men need to engage their masculinity more and women their femininity to find balance. Too much masculinity creates zero polarity, zero sexual attraction.


“Masculine structures are the riverbanks for their own lives, and in it, they are flowing like a mother fucker toward what they want, desire and yearn for.” – Jennie
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