In This Week’s Podcast…The 40 to Salt Lake City

In this episode of Shades of Intimacy, Jason and Jennie share how the lowest point of their relationship was the catalyst for its success. Being honest and committing to the process has brought them to a place of greater intimacy emotionally and physically.

Topic #1

The Great Showdown and a Jolly Round of F*@$ You’s

  • Jennie opens this episode by sharing the story of the day she left Jason. Flying down highway 40 with only her pets, and as much shit as she could fit into her car, she was heading back to her condo. With Jason hot on her tail, what he imagined would be a great confrontation on the side of the road turned into a shit show and a short fuck you. He couldn’t believe that something that had started so beautifully had turned into something so horrible.
  • Blaming himself for the failure, because of unresolved issues from his past relationship, Jason was carrying guilt from his first wives accidental overdose that left him a Widower with 3 children. He couldn’t believe how it all disintegrated. Jennie couldn’t believe she walked out on the best thing that ever walked into her life, she was emotionally rattled and a mess.
“I made her roll down her window so I could say everything that was on my mind. All I said to her was she could leave me, but she couldn’t leave the kids without saying goodbye, and then I told her she was a piece of shit.”- Jason

Topic #2

The Comeback

  • 9 years after the fallout, Jason and Jennie have an amazing life. The kids are grown, they have a beautiful home and they are committed daily to doing the work to make it work. It wasn’t easy and there is no free ride, but the end result is vital and juicy. They connect, laugh and have an amazing, off the charts sex life, according to Jason. He admits that sharing their experiences is harder than working on them together. 
  • The couple now offers workshops on Intimacy and Relationships. Their tribe is from all walks of life, including their grown children. They are committed to this podcast and will show up every week, putting it out there and building their tribe with their listeners.
“This is the navigation. It’s not always pretty, but we are committed to the journey.”- Jennie

Closing Thoughts

Jason closes by sharing how it’s all about the connection. A relationship on fire is having it all. You can feel cared for and safe, you can be challenged and grow. Once you are connected you can create something that you can give to the world. They are ready to start the journey with all of you and move forward.


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