Our Story

Nine years ago I sat on our bed, feeling heavy, tired,  frustrated and angry.  My wife Jennie sat next to me.  The 7th or 8th episode of a TV show we were binge watching turned on and we looked sadly at each other.  There was more than a little despair in that look.

We both knew there was an answer, but we couldn’t find it.  We knew there had to be more to our relationship than this.  Sure… we weren’t split up and no one had cheated…. yet… but how much longer could we keep pretending?

I pushed play on the remote and we sat back, sinking into a swamp of stuckness.

Angry. Tired.  I blamed her.  She blamed me.

Then came the shame.  Certainly it was my fault.

After all, not long before our relationship had been vibrant, alive, full of mystery and creation.

I was her hero, she was my light.

And now… life.

Business. Kids. Travel. Keeping in shape.  Staying in tune.

It felt like life had sucked the marrow out of our bones, and drained us of our will.  Where was the care?  The connection?  The challenge? The creation?

Perhaps it was worse for us, because we once had it all.  But now it felt all the more painful because we couldn’t find a logical reason why.

We just seemed to be slipping out of love.

Until one day…

We discovered something called Polarity Training.

We went from 0 to 60 in our passion in ONE WEEKEND.

The days, weeks, and months of agony were over. All the problems we had experienced were solved with a totally new way of thinking and doing. It was so simple. We felt that rush of potent new love again, the thrill of mystery, hint of danger, and depth of profound connection.

And we came home with the tools to keep it going, and stayed committed and we did the work.  

And nine years later… it’s STILL GOING.

The width of care and safety we feel with each other, the depth of connection and understanding we experience, the expansion of growth and adventure and fresh renewing passion combine with a calling to create this very same life for everyone else on the planet.

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